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Haters gonna hate.
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Omg le Nous Swagons i can't hahahaha
my cold dead heart warmed up as much as his cheeks LOL
@G.H.S.T: (your pages are so well arranged, it really conveys sooooo many feelings without having the full face displayed or words and that's just like... freaking awesome you've really grown as an artist and i'm so glad to be able to see it)
no but I had to read the page words by words because I felt SO embarrassed I just couldn't read it in one go oh my god
me, being a ticklish person: Y'ALL THINK IS CUTE AND ALL, WAIT TIL YOU GET AN ACCIDENTAL KICK IN THE FACE that knocks out the person who're you gonna kiss now
February 9th, 2016
I love this comic so much you have so much talent THIS MUST BE SO MUCH WORK
(also idk why but I can't help but think about Joseph Joestar (from Jojo's bizzare adventure) whenever I see Howie's hair, it's so great)
That smile might be the cause of my sugar level rising. D: Daniel is so, so sweet...
... I suddenly got the song "Let's get PHYSICAL" in head while looking at this page oh god i'm ashamed at myself. Lovely page, and I hope you get better (>:c heal yourself before trying to satisfy us, we can waiiiit, not your heaaaalth)
Also... Dilated pupils... hehe
I can relate to Mia. But what kind of bff would we be if we didn't suck it up
he's sexey :'D but sexey evil I guess?
i'm mostly being "Ew" but i'm also screeching. It sounds a bit like "OHDEARLORDewwwwww*ultrasounds*" (thank you so much for this comic, it makes me smile a lot!)
The snore part cracked me up xD
(nice colors, as usual, you rock !)
oh. OH. OH FRICK *exploding of happiness* I indeed sensed the cute. Was not disapoint, 10/10, will recommend with fine wine.
I sense the cute
"friends" right. I have the mighty want to punch him in the face >_<"
Dat waist line, Louis B)
the next button ;_; I enjoy so much this comic, it's really nice and cute and oh jeez, i don't find a term for how much it makes me feel, I like it very much. I really want to know what happens next.. Thank you so much for the time you spend making this and sharing it with us!
*heavy breathing* I really, really enjoy your comic, it makes me all squishy on the inside :3 it's too cute daww...
Congratulations! \o/
aWW Louis you're so awkward... I really need to tell you that I made one of my friend read your comic, since I thought it was so good it needed to be shared, and she love it so much that she's kind of melting of cuteness and awkwardness... So anyway, thank you, thank you, very much! :3 and another time, CONGRATS!