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So I just need to get the third volume of TEN, KAE and [TORRENT] and I'll have all the stories related to TEN. 8) Will the latter two be available in English? (Are they right now? :O)
I can't wait to get the last volume of this series! *__* Let us know when we can buy it online! *^*
I'm glad Zeggy didn't become an outcast while he was recovering. The mood before and during the test felt very bad - I've been through that, when everyone can't stand your attitude and you just want to spend your days nicely as usual with your friends.
I hope this gets better! ;O; and with "this" I'm also talking about your situation, DCS. I read about it and I feel very sorry for you. I'll try to help out as I can, but for the time being I'm sorry I can just cheer for you from the side. ;_; a side note, I'm a native Italian. If you're ever going to need help with the language, feel free to ask me and I'll gladly help! :D
@Soen Kai:
This is just a guess from me, but I think they didn't get right away that "Ray" is the German Shepherd guy, and his lover was actually Kakyu - in the flashback Kakyu looks a bit different from usual and I don't remember Ray's name and role being mentioned at the same time before, maybe that's why.
(At least this is what I understood from Kae's story, tell me if I'm wrong)
oh gosh
If that happened to me, I would have been traumatized. D: So creepy!
November 27th, 2014
@Soen Kai: oh, thank you, I'll be asking them then. ^_^
I was actually worried because I don't speak German, but if they're fluent in English then it's alright. :D
(Just because, to tell you the truth, most of Italians can't speak English properly, so I was worried that it was the same in other countries. D: )
November 27th, 2014
Thank you so much for your work! :D
I just wanted to ask how long does the shipping take to get to destination? I ordered it a week ago and I didn't get it yet. Maybe Italy is too far away?
I've always wondered how would "Dig" work indoors. xD
August 6th, 2012
Has he just been... kidnapped? o__O
June 9th, 2012
D8 No!
May 27th, 2012
"but then... why... is he so HOT?!"
*sigh* so Erik will be a whore now and forever.
I love the incentive, but I kinda dislike the current comic. I just hoped Erik could change his life, but it looks like it's getting worse.
February 17th, 2012
The whole comic is just too nice. °O°
February 17th, 2012
Keep your hopes and they'll come true! Absolutely! 8D
February 7th, 2012
...omg. D8 I knew he shouldn't have come in. D8
Whoa, just like me. I can't help worrying about sharing exp equally. xD
Aww *-*
So cute! I chose that fossil too 8D
Actually, "rocca" is more like "fortress", while "rock" spelled as the type is translated as "roccia" (f. n.)... the name suits him anyway. °ò°
Of course, sandwich. I wouldn't eat a cupcake, too, no matter how much hungry I am.