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Not much to say about me.
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@kzuich: No plans currently... but I wouldn't rule it out in the future.
That's the power of a new shirt.
Fact: I haven't left my house to shop for groceries in almost half a year.
@KingOfAllTrash: I think Mabel is wearing Chel's sweater.
Seems like Eve bought a poor-quality German book.

Either that or I wrote a comic based off of bad information. But I like the first option better.
September 5th, 2018
I'm liking this so far. Your art style is really great.
Nah... she's just tall.
Another April Fools' Day... must mean another guest comic by my friend Antisocial.

If you're interested in checking out some of his other comics, you can find them here:
@Anari: I find it's a great coping mechanism. You take something that makes you sad or angry, and turn it into something that makes you laugh instead. You take the power away from it, y'know?
Shit, they're onto me.
@ZSnazzy: She works as a zookeeper, a great career choice for anyone who loves animals and hates people.
@TacoBot: Thanks! I'm glad this execrable thing is entertaining people. I've got some plans for increased publicity, but until then I'm mostly relying on word-of-mouth (and ads, but those cost money).

Also, never heard of Gingiva. My avatar comes from some demented drawing I made a few years ago.
'Tis the season.
You've discovered the brilliant secret behind this comic's title! It's definitely, absolutely not a lazy placeholder I ended up using permanently because I'm too stupid to think of a more clever or memorable title, no sir.
Heyyyy, it's another April Fool's comic exchange with my hombre Antisocial. Is this going to happen every year?

If you'd like, you can peruse his comic about anime girls, Shy Guys, and breaking the fourth wall here:
@Kumata: "Ho, Ho, Nope". Come now, why would Diego ever associate with hope in any way?
It's a seeeeeeeeeeeecret.

But it involves peanut butter and a feather duster.
100 strips already? My, where does the time go?
I could just delete the comment, but, uh... YOU DIN SEE NUFFIN.
My compadre Antisocial made this as part of a comic swap for this most sacred of holidays. He's got my style down pretty well... perhaps TOO well. I should probably keep an eye on him.

You can check out some of his comics featuring busty anime chicks here: