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First of yes I'm a girl for all you guys out there that don't believe in girls on the internet! I got into gaming when Nintendo made the SNES and DKC2 so like around when I was 2. I'm the ultimate fan of Pokemon, Kirb, Harvest Moon, Mario, certain LoZ games and various others. Huge RPG fan right here it's my favorite genre of video games. I love to read, write, play with my little brother and annoy the older one ;)! Got into spriting when I read BnG and PokemonX for the first times and have been imporving every since.

Hobbies: Watching anime(Naruto and Bleach fans beware) favorite anime's Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Watching TV to many favorite TV shows to recite, and making webcomics
Occupation: College Student

I love to chat so just drop on by if you want a person to talk to I don't bite...much*Whistles*!
Best kind.

This be lazy as fuck. That's my forte get yer own or I'ma sue you.
@ReiKainaric: Ah familiar faces!
@aqua the hedgie: If you can survive the placement tests.~
School is fun m'kaaaay~ *Shot*
That moment when you realize you have no Marine sprites...thank yu so much Mikey for not taking this down!
Short and sweet from me this week. Glad I made one in time as well.
@G.B.A: Your comment is pointless. I don't remember her saying in the comments" Specifically for G.B.A" dumbass.
Time to spam this for Freeze. =w= Seeya in soon this Shard!
I have no idea what's going on. Reading along should help me out.
Huzzah pass the drinks around.
@sonicmaster5: Hold on lemme find Freeze's. Shannon left his at my house last night. =o
WOOT I got a command chosen. =3

>Watch Tower
>Race: Night Elf
>Hair Color: Turquoise
>Eye Color: Gold
>Skin Tone: Pale
>Name: Erik
> Contra
This place got 20 more fun!