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Well, HI guys. I'm tall, slim, I've got a big (BIG) aquiline nose and I'm myopic, so I've got a pair of eyeglasses. Oh, well, of course I've also got an enormous (HUGE! GIGANTIC! CYCLOPEAN! PANTAGRUELIAN! GARGANTUAN! Etc.) brown CURLY hair. I'm kind of a walking tree, you know.
I'm Italian, so please, give me pardon if my English is not perfect.
I also love music, I listen to almost every kind of music (metal, rock, pop, a little bit of rap [a VERY little bit], country, I like cartoons soundtracks too). AC/DC? Beatles? Rolling Stones? U2? Dropkick Murphys? Bon Jovi? Not to mention any Italian singers and bands? I like them all.
FOOD! I love food, like pizza, pasta, steak, but I also like kebab. Well, I must say I hate gnocchi. I REALLY hate gnocchi, bleah. And also cod stew: it just hasn't got any taste! But I like almost all of other foods.
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I don't even.
…You sure?
Adagio for Strings
Uhm, you know, I'd listen rather to Adagio in G minor by Tommaso Albinoni...I think it renders better the emphasis and the solemnity of the moment, and the excitement too.
Music nerding LOL
I didn't know bugs are flammable. That can be a conceivable reason for which I've never seen a bug with a cigarette.
Gosh, those Egiptian gods have no dignity. LOL
Does Thilath even HAVE fingers? D:
It is AWFUL! *trollface*
DRAGON THING. Poor Charmy-
I'll put money on Squrtie too.
Why am I even calling every Moképon with a sobriquet?