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Hey everyone. Here's the first page of the brand new Irrational Fears Girl chapter! The rest of the chapter will be uploaded via patreon, where you can get future updates for pennies! (well, I would like it if you pledged $3, but actually it's PAY WHAT YOU WANT. Pledging will help me out a ton!

I'm super sorry I didn't ever finish the third chapter of Irrational Fears Girl here. BUT I HAVE NEWS! I've been making more IFG, along with another webcomic of mine called The Conquering Heroes. The next chapter will be called THE BIG PARTY, and will only be available to view on Patreon (for now). If you're a cool person, please help me out by subscribing and becoming a patron. The first updates are tomorrow, so run on over there are subscribe for the month of August to get stuff! Thanks so much! See you over there!

I'm sorry guys that I have yet to finish chapter 3 D:
I got a smidgen bit busy latey and been drawing a lot until my hands cramp out. I can see it resuming in a few weeks.

Thanks for all your patience guys! I haven't forgot about IFG ;_;
@qazox: General life getting in the way, sicknesses and graduating from college :)
Sorry for the delay. D:
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The Shark Gang
Isabel the tiger shark - A mommy shark. She’s very sweet.

Joe the hammerhead - A cutie pie shark. He’s kinda dopey.

Lando the great white - The gang leader. He’s a meanie and tells the other sharks what to do.

Monty the black tip reef - Lando’s yes man. A nervous fellow.

Jorge the whale shark - A suspicious dude. Doesn’t actually do any dirty work even though he’s the biggest and looks tough.

Because what’s scarier than adorable sharks? Sharks are one of my great fears. I know that the probability of being attacked by one is less than %5, but I don’t go in the ocean ever and the one time I did in Hawaii there was a freaking reef shark right in front of me and I freaked out.
Sorry for the lack of update in the past two weeks D: homework has been kicking my butt.
What could be in that pond??
And why is Leafette not running awayyy??

Also, if you'd like to help me out and support me, all the while getting something cute out of it, you could totally buy something from my shop! I need some extra money and it'd be great if you help me out. If you buy something and note me, saying you came from IFG, I'll mail a Irrational Fears Girl sketch, of whatever you want, to you for free! FREE!
You win a cookie omnomnom :)
To be headed or to be beheaded? ahaha
@Kirbysmith [DJ]:
How to make a compass with easy to find ingredients and a little bit of love.
Cindy's obsession with shoes originates from this mini comic:
No page today (sorry!) but here's a Leafy looking fierce.