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hiii. i'm kiso! =] i'm a simple girl who loves to smile and just have fun! i have more than a few addictions. they include vitaminwater, drawing, reading, music, my iPod, jackets, and Juicy Fruit. but shh. it's a secret. lawl. i like to watch tv. my tv is, like, always turned on to e!. i also like antm. =] those girls crack me up. i wish i could be a model. but i'm really short. five feet and one inch to be exact. i think i'm nice and a good student. at least i hope i am. =p i'm currently a freshie in high school and i would really like to be a cheerleader but i'm so uncoordinated. welp, this is getting too long so i'm just gonna stop! babibai! =)
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her hair is soo gorgeous! i love the way you drew it. :)
awww cute awkward moment. :)
and adorable! marley in the first panel.
emmie!!! i still love that one picture you did of her with all the flowers. soo pretty. :)

andd YES you made something that amazing and YES you are really that good!! better than that. :D
no wayyy!! D:
ahhh i'm excited for more!!
their expressions are great. =]
haha and those teeth in the..5th panel.
that last panel.
it's so adorable.
oooh i really like the new layout!
hehe tiara is so cute. C:
ahhh i LOVE the way you colorrr!
and the expressions=win. :)
and alana's eyes in the first panel.

lol i just love it all.
i adore the perspective with the very first drawing. ahhh so cool. *0*
ahhh sour patch, rock candy! =]
i love their names!!
if i was in the organization i'd wanna be twix bar. :B
hehe i think liam looks more bitter.
i loveeeee the last panel.
it's just so ♥. i have no words. P=
oh my. D:
attack, noahhh!!!!
protect your truffle!!
hahaha mitzi is funnyy :]

"who done it?"
this whole page is too cute
noahhhh = most caring cat EVAR.

(haha and i like your new icon/avatar thing :])
aww truffles is so adorable

so sweeeet <3
ahh this comic is just too good to let go of!! :]

lol. welsher said dork.
i lurveee hallie
and harmony. they
crack me up! =]
September 29th, 2007
first page
i hope you guys can
read my handwriting
sorrie if you can't
this is the thank you page
it says,
"for everybody who told me to keep drawing.
thank you all so much.
September 29th, 2007
the first page!

OMG I <3 your backgrounds!