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I like the new site look, Deno. Bit dark, but it reminds me a little of Steampunk for some reason.
Oh my... No wonder he was so angry during the tournament.

And welcome back, Tora.
Uh-oh... That's got to sting...

Great work as usual, Denoyelle. And welcome back :-)
We'll put it down to the unusual lighting conditions in the cave then :D

And ouch, frustration setting in... Guess now the nerves are gone the reality is hitting.
@denoyelle85: With the skill you demonstrate, I don't mind waiting 2 weeks for an update. I love the art style, the story, the characters, and the rest of the comic too :)
Wow, awesome job on the shading and the details! Panels one and two are fantastic!

And yay for Hawk, he's fun. :D
Hehe, not just Novak. I love that top on Ravn.

Love this story, looking forward to it every time. Thank you from Ireland :D
Uh-oh... That... doesn't look so healthy...