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I'm a journalism and theatre student soon to be living on the streets of Melbourne, Victoria, using my many pointless humanities degrees for warmth.
In my spare time I enjoy reaping what I have sown, indulging my passions and singing loudly and badly to myself in the mirror, my 120W amp blasting screaming guitar riffs across the wasteland tundra. I have been known to wander cultural Sonomas.

If you dare me to eat something, I probably will. If you come to the restaurant where I work, I will dare you to eat my food, so it goes both ways. And I have a large knife, so you'd better enjoy it.

I'm currently wearing Playboy brand underwear. In case of emergency, contact Oprah, and my last will and testament is for my remains to be blasted at high speed towards the White House. Not my ashes, my remains.

I can count to large numbers, and my specialty dish is "Condolleeza Rice" which is rice made with a special blend of spices, butter, garlic and raw untethered political power.

I love you, and always will. My cheque IS in the mail. I'm just going out for cigarettes, I'll be back in 5 minutes.
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    Caleb Samson
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MASSIVE GRIN. This is my fave.
Ooh, watercolour pencil stylings... pretty.
Bet you didn't imagine this would ever happen!

So, it seems to me that whenever Eccentricity updates again after months of silence I get my act together soon after, and vice versa.
Could it be a healthy jealousy and profound sense of guilt transferred between fellow creators? Or could it just be uni holidays? Either way, hurrah.
That last panel is my new desktop background. beautiful.
Interestingly enough when you google it, just above the entry that links to this page of the comic, there's a strange and beautiful music review for some guy called Carlos Giffroni, in which the album is described as something breaking, reforming and becoming a cannon to shoot down the sun.

I mean, I figure it'll be Peter both getting angry and singing but I like to phrase that as shooting down the sun. It sounds better.

I just saw you've got an ad for this comic up on Something Positive.

As if I didn't love both of these comics enough, now I can jump directly from one to the other. :D
This was the best comic you ever wrote.

You know, that's probably of no pride to you and in fact more the opposite, but you never achieved closer to unique artistic vision, honesty, humour, timing and connection than you did just then.

And I'm glad somebody has the guts to say all of those things.
The fact that you can draw glass bricks impresses me to no end. They are really hard to draw, and they look awesome there.
This was the first page in the entire comic that I laughed out loud at. The very idea of a lecturer just writing the words "Pop quiz" and "1. Logic?" on the board before passing out assuming he'd done his job for the day is such a perfect simple glimpse of university life. LOVE it.
January 12th, 2008
Oh my god. You have got to post more stuff. Or sell me your book or something. Publish a book.
Best. Prayer. Ever.
Oh my god this is fantastic. It's like Raymond Pettibon and R Crumb had a miscarriage and you were it.
my oh my. 'spect.
I find calling them "sandworms" a bit of a superfluous gesture... I mean... don't regular worms live in sand?

It reminds me of that bit in Futurama where Fry is trying to impress a mermaid:
"Wow! A sealion! We have those on land too, we call them "Land Sealions". I tame them."
Love the continued existence of the "end" note in the panels leading up to it. Great device.
Also, sexy new page theme.
That second guy, the one on the right, looks EXACTLY like Bruce Willis.
If ever I have a daughter, you sir may have her for a heavily discounted price.
Maybe even for free by the end of this story arc.

so much respect.