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"I'm sorry...?"
Draco, you're so sweet it's blinding. ALAIN DOESN'T DESERVE YOU D:<
Draco, you are the sweetest character in the world. Alain, you dirty meany, why'd you have to kill that sweetyiepie's brother? >:|
Well, yeah, cause of the plot and such but! Poor Tommy didn't deserve it, and if Draco finds out...
September 19th, 2011
At first I was like: Awwww, no dominant Kaito? TT~TT
BUT THEN I WAS LIKE: Shuno, what are you--*nosebleed*
Draco is SO cute! He's like a child; naive and very vocal.
And cuddly, apparently XD
...sorry kid, you're gonna die.
I think.
Nooooo! Please, colt! Don't be a weirdo! Please don't end up at the bottom of an ocean like that meanybutt whore lady!