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Gone from comic making. A wanderer. I check on the place every once in a while, might post a comment here or there.
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    Geno or Mallow
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Where am I gonna put down my coffee mugs now?
We got some wizbiz going on.
Probably isn't even loaded.
Well... RIP Author's Guild. And we had so much potential...
Revamp of an OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD character of mine.
Looks like they broke the world. Aw, man...
They're probably both gonna just drop DEAD on the way there.
@BuddyT: Rockin can join him. I still wanna make non-filler comics for this place right now. c:
Oh.... birds! I never thought I'd be so happy to see a bird before!
GG team. Regroup next week.
Edit: Also, that was Kable, not Trevor. Trevor never left the guild I don't think. He was too busy gawking at Gigi.
Now accepting cameos!
Our two heroes both arrive into the Gold Kingdom! Also, I'm now accepting cameos of ALL kinds, recolors, lay low though, they have less of a chance of being picked. Just PM me with who you want to be in, and their sprites, and they might just be picked!
ED. Expand Dong! He's the leader of the dong! You know him well! He's finally back.... to expand some dong! ED! Expand Dong!
He.... MISSED. *Long sigh.* Well then. That was..... something.
Ta daaaaaaaaaaaah~
Someone else can do more fight scenes, ha. I couldn't think of a name for a title, so I used the name of an epic song from an epic game. Kudos if you know what game I'm talking about.

EDIT: Oh, and Mister T is gone. So Kable is gone.
@G.B.A: Send him off? Eh, I'll try that.
I'll take next update then. It'll have the guy in orange (forget his name as I post this) die since he's out of the comic.
Good. Gooooooooood. Got Rockin's personality on the dot.
He's probably gonna want Anthony to help Cranky take it to the fridge.