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Hi there! I am a fan of anime,manga,Japanese pop culture, Lolita fashion and anything cute. As a hopeless romantic who loves stories of girls being swept off their feet by their princes I believe in the power of a smile can change someone's life. I speak Spanish fluently and some Japanese, enough to prove I'm obsessed with Japanese pop culture.

I am an artist who dabbles in many areas, mainly watercolor, manga,sewing(hand/machine), photography, writing and polymer clay. I also decorate and create beautiful headbands. I also can sing, but that's another story. One day I hope to illustrate children's books.
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I find your comic completely amusing, I'd wish you'd update it.

Btw, the 6th panel totally reminds me of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler, which is funny because this came first... lol. Keep it up!
You are so talented, please continue doing what you are doing, because you are impacting many with your work. I am impressed with the art, the story line and the time you put into this, thank you so much.
This is the first time I've commented on something, but I really like the story! The story of the unsung hero, something I can relate to. *sigh* I think people forget that in order to get your dreams someone has to be there to help you make it. I can't wait for more so please post.