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Hey, I'm Mcagent! I make Mario comics... I'll make a sonic one soon.
Sorry for no new comics, there's something wrong with my god damn paint.
My only favorite comic still running comes to an end...
To bad it's the end...
Not really the end... MegaPain continues of after this...
Dang... only a few more comics...
Pretty nice ending, Sonic
MarioMario54321 is dead here... but not youtube and deviantart...
I mean, how do you upload PNG pics?
Can somebody tell me how to save in PNG format?
Bass must be pissed!
Damn it, I KEEP on missing these.
Enemy intelligence
Bigger the enemy, dumber they are.
Kill the paratroopa tails!
To bad the comics close to ending
the comic where these dudes fight is sure to be epic!