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    Cosmic Spectrum and Innelle
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February 1st, 2012
omg litha is such a hottie <3
@chinduda: no worries! there is a pool of updates to come! as for the person outside, you'll get to find out later in the story 8D
August 31st, 2011
eclair is such a cutieee lakhsdlakhsdlakhdla <3 <3 poor baby!! ;O; i wish i was xephy and i was there lmfao
August 25th, 2011
new banner!!!
omfg so cuteee ;__; please upload it on DA or here 8)) <3 <3
@ HexDynasty
Dude, chill out. i'm not 100% sure if you're serious with this comment, but assuming you are,
a) no one ever said it ISN'T romance. It's CLEARLY categorized as humour/drama/ROMANCE
b) the only reason why i mentioned that in the first place is because a lot of people asked if this is a BL comic, and i see every other motherfuckin banner on this site has a BL or YAOI tag on it.

And no honey, i didn't lie. The character's sexual orientations really aren't the point of the story... And if you're so dissatisfied with all this heteroSHIT, then what in hell possessed you to read all the way to page 46??
Here's a bit of info that might be of interest:

2012AIC High has an x shaped dormitory building, with the chapel and park between the east wing (boys) and south wing (girls). After the renovation, they demolished the west wing, replacing it a with big game field, and added a second floor to the east and south wings. The North wing did not get renovated, since it goes into the forest it would have been too much trouble to demolish it, so the school dean just put it out of use. Sock hates his house, so moving into the dorms was his only option and since Hae-Jin is very antisocial and hates being around groups of people, Sock (believe it or not) politely convinced the dean to let them stay in the north wing. And they are friggin lovin' it. It's a 3 minute walk away from the lake, and completely surrounded by wilderness.
I know this is pretty hard to picture, so we will put up a map of the town/school grounds later on 8)
Hey guys!!! Thanks so much for faving this comic and following it 8)

Welcome, all new readers! <3 If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask 8) <3
yes Cosmic Spectrum is a girl. sorry that was a typo i meant to say "this comic"
lol ghadd sorry guys i really messed up the hair in this one LOL it's just totally wrong hahah too curly and too short.. OH WELL it was a long time ago xD

Thanks so much for following this coming, guys!!!! ;o; <3 <3 i appreciate every comment 8) Hope you guys enjoy it!
thank you!<3 <3 i did these pages by hand 8) (and added screentones on photoshop)
it's pronounced like sock-ah-jur-mee-os 8)
@general winter
yes! that's exactly it haha =)
thank you bby! <3 <3
HAHAHAHA yes....yes he does
Character Interviews based off questions from our fans! yay
Gasp! Twist!
and the answer to your question is: wind vortex
and so it begins...