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Finally, I've decided to update this. Like... two years after getting an account.

I am a writer, not an artist, and anything I do draw is sadly mediocre. I adore webcomics, and through your fabulous artistic ability my inner arist lives vicariously.
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LET US EAT CORN ON THE COB TOGETHER IN A DISTRESSINGLY SEXY MANNER (whilst others throw popcorn at us from off-screen for poetic effect).
Actually, DC barely hires women! So if you managed to get in, they wouldn't dare fire you for fear of more flak being thrown their way.

The Lesbinator can save me from peril any day. (I'd buy her a coffee.)
Oh, Stanley, you can't help but show you care.

So much for Alice being just another 'minion', ehhh?
From my hearts.

Gibson Twist, your Planetary is showing.

"Pip, come get me. My long-lost sense of shame and regret finally came back to bite me in the ass. Make it stop."
I'm so sorry about Donut; I hope you manage to scrounge up the funds. D: Take your time! Real life can be a bitch.
I'm not entirely certain that Dragonthing burning that tree wouldn't cause all of the Kakunas and Metapods hanging from it would evolve (slash hatch out early?) into Beedrills and Butterfrees in self-defense. (I seem to remember something like that happening in the show, actually.)

....Would would essentially put all four of them amidst a cloud of angry bees and butterflies that sprinkle paralyzing powder from their wings.

THIS IS A BAD IDEA. Or a great idea. I'm not certain which.
This most hilarious part of this for me is that I'm a girl who weighlifts and the sheer amount of times I've had to explain how difficult it is to get 'bulky' is ridiculous.

I realize this is meant to be a joke, but when you're wiry like that, that's completely legit, hahahaha.

Also, I enjoy the sound effect behind him.

Chiming in with everyone else on the 'bee' thing: Come on, now. Angi's guaranteed nothing but practice when she does Devil's Cake, feedback and satisfaction is she's lucky; do you really have room to complain? I realize that you're frustrated and understandably want a solution, but realize that a comment like that seems pushy and contentious.

Angi, I also do not have twitter, and am completely okay with you posting to inform us; I think it's quite nice of you to bother to tell us at all, actually. One of my favourite things about you (aside from your art, haha) is how consistently conscientious of us you are. Thank you for your patience with us, too.

Ramble ramble ramble.

Relevant Feedback!:

I'm sorry I don't comment more often, but I love this comic for the way it combines sweet little moments of calm, dynamic humour and high-intensity action- (I also quite like 'swit' and 'fwit' as sound effects, haha.)

The stances of the fighters are also something I've always loved about this comic- Dani's stiff, aggressive stance, the fencer's prim, impeccable posture, Zoshi/Koshi's playfully dismissive poise- just the way they stand tells you so much about their personalities, and that's something that seems to come so naturally to you that it's all too easy to overlook. Even outside of intense moments- Kea's tense, diffident posture let us know who she was long before she did herself. (Basically, I ramble a lot and I love the lifelike dynamic of your characters' movements.)

Also: Starry-eyed guy in the last panel is great. Everyone else just look surprised or concerned, and then there's this guy, going all fight-fanboy on us, hahaha.

Also Also: I'm sorry this comment is so terribly long.
Sylexs, I would assume that it's the tornado damage in the United States... :/
There are people who only read this comic for that? (What the hell?) I actually enjoyed this chapter quite a bit more than the others- the politics and intrigue behind it (and the vivacity of the characters, haha) was really interesting to me. :) It's this wonderful, fascinating thing, plot!
April 14th, 2011
I am officially in love. Hahahahahaha.
Happy weekend, psudonym!

I love karaoke guy's face in the second panel. Oooh, self-serious karaoke singers.
...I might already be on it. :x Don't get your hopes up, though. (I don't even have proper recording equipment. At best, you might end up with an acapella.)

That's an awesome theme song. It makes me want to write one, too, but I'm not nearly as good as he is. D: Also, I'm a girl. (...Maybe I'll write one from Alice's viewpoint and then never show anyone it. Ever.)
Question Duck in a sombrero, hanging out on Clint Eastwood's Stetson? Spaghetti in there somewhere? (Hurf durf bad joke. But seriously: Clint is the greatest.)
Did a little Red Cross givin' but wish I had more to give. D:

It's absolutely amazing of you to support and spread the cause like this, psudonym. God knows Japan needs all it can get right now.
This is 100% accurate.

My cat is also the prima donna of my household; no opera star that has been ever will be will match her lung capacity, range and ambition.
Very nearly cracked up in the middle of a horror fiction lecture, which would have been the most inappropriate and inexplicable thing ever.


(This is me when I drunk.)