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Cue tons of deaths and game overs while fighting Wily, just like in MM2.
You said you would make panels for the comics, it's not here.
SHUT UP. Dashie is best pony.
Cool! The only thing is that Kirby Air Ride doesn't have files. It's still good.
@blahmahsah: MAGIC.MOV
Nice. I had to use AR. Call me a cheater, but it was for a purpose!
I'm so sorry

There had to be one moment for that to happen.
I just noticed this was posted on my birthday. Wat.
@shadow567: Am I a comic author? No. Where did I get "birdz" from? We Can Defeat Anyone.
I kinda want to see you make a Creepypasta out of Kirby Air Ride.
He has fallen, and cannot get up.
@MecanicalCH: 1,000,000 SUPERNOVAS. BEAT THAT.
LETS CHANGE THE SUB- *engsmplodes*
Nobody likes me. Not even me.