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To be filled out later~ C;
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aww he's wagging his tail... that's so cute
Very nice style!
Riona Of course.
My favorite character by far is Riona.
Why? It's not because shes' the main character, or her awesome design, it is because she has some just beautifully human about her. The fact that she has something she's ashamed of (her voice) speaks to the flaws that are in all of us. Each part of her seems more and more human the more you look at her. She has something that comforts her(white noise), somethings that scares her (losing her newly found friends, and people hearing her voice), she has like and dislikes (pocky/icecream, and people stealing her pocky/icecream. D:<), and her own opinion's about matters. So no, I don't just like her because shes very cute, or the first character to be introduced, I like it because she has a sense of realism in her. (The other characters have this too, but her's is most obvious to me.) Could she use even more developing? Sure. But this is only volume and you've already established a character that would be easily recognizable. And you should give yourself a big pat on the back for that C: (Btw while Riona is my fav character,but, I love every single character you have created. <3)

and what? Nooo I did not just make this account so I could enter >.> I'm totally planning on making my own comic... eventually.

Yay White Noise~ probably gonna buy it even if I don't win C: