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I used to be a really good spriter but I stopped spriting so now everything I do is handdrawn. If you want to see the whole archive of Sonic Online go to
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This took me a while, mostly because I'm lazy and partly because I'm working on other projects but this isn't dead. It's just hooked up on life support and can only get a page every now and then. I will try to update more, I promise.
Haven't killed it yet. Updates... slowly.

I don't have anything else to say...

so like stop reading this.

Or don't...

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Seriously I have nothing else to say.

Congrats if your still reading you don't know how to follow directions...

...Seriously dude... FAIL!

That's it. I'm done typing.
Well in the end, a map isn't very helpful if you don't know where things are.
The reason for the lack of updates is because I have been considering ending this comic and starting something new. It has a severe case of "Are they still on Namek" syndrome and the plot is moving along at a an increasingly slow rate. It also doesn't feel like the comic is something of my own creation and that makes the comic making a long dull process. Luckily, when I decided to suck it up and make today's comic I noticed the script was really short and that boosted my moral a bit.

Note: I have not decided to kill this comic yet, it's just an idea floating around in my head.
You are quite right, the female counterpart in FR/LG is named Leaf. I named this character after the PoKeMoN Special character Blue, but in the English translation her name is Green.
Introducing Green, before anyone says "THAT'S NOT GREEN, IT'S BLUE YOU IDIOT!" I'm going by the English translation of the names, so she is Green. Her character is sort of based off of the one from the PoKeMoN Special, but not entirely; I did this because in the game, she doesn't have a personality; she is complete copy of Red. I don't want 2 Reds in the same story.

20 Pages by the way!
Here is today's update sorry for missing yesterdays, but I was busy.

I don't really have much to say about this page except for the fact that I used way to much wordplay. Also, panel 6 is a joke at myself and the pacing of this comic.

Edit: I am aware of how mean it is to have a Miltank on an ad for steak.
No update today, I had a bunch of people over last night to celebrate Bungie Day by playing Halo all night and all day. Have to get to the game now.
Indeed it is LA, it's from like the first episode.
Yup kiddies, you guessed it! It's time for another episode PoKeMoN Genesis. More transition pages with small joke thrown in. This one tackles the time old symdrom known as PMS (Protective Mother Syndrome) See what I did there? The big line in this episode is a little more crude than I usually go for, but it stems back to all the things my mom used to tell me when she left the house for a long amount of time, also parodying Ash's mom in the TV series.

"Don't light the house on fire.
No Drinking, smoking, or doing drugs.
No parties.
No girls!
But have fun."

Gee, thanks ma.
Well I can't have every page be laugh out loud hilarious. I would never get any story telling done and the entire comic would be people spewing jokes at each other. This is more of a transition page.
Watch out guys this page is text heavy, if your not into reading then this page is not for you.

I realized yesterday that the pace of the plot is really slow, it's page 17 and I haven't even walked out the front door yet. I hope by page 100 to at least be in Oak's lab ready to retrieve the first PoKeMoN, of course I'm kidding... That won't happen for like another 500 updates! /sarcasm
He's right Floo, the balls joke is a slightly overused joke. I wasn't the first person to use it and Reidy won't be the last.
@Love: I use Photoshop for almost everything.
@Love: Wow, nice catch. I fixed it, thanks!
@Floo: I really am, but this is the last one I'm going to do for the time being.

@LA: Thanks for re-faving me. I had almost given up hope on it as well. Then I looked back on it and decided to start updating again, I'm glad I did, it's been a blast making these updates.
I didn't do a Happy 4th of July Filler because I figured you guys would much rather have a real update than a filler. So, happy 4th of July everyone from the US, and to people from elsewhere happy Saturday.
The minimum is ten, but in this case I made Red be 11. The reason for that is because in the comic books, Red was 11 and I'm use a vast variety of resources to create this story.
I liked making this episode, it's probably my favorite one so far. If your a fan of the PoKeMoN games you should get the TV reference about railroad tracks, if not go and play a new game for like 5 minutes and read what it says on the TV on the lower level of your house. Finally a funny episode that extends the plot... haven't seen one of those since like episode 9.
I'm trying out a new layout today, but I'm not entirely sure if I am going to stick with it or go back to my old layout...

This episode is a lot of talk and no action, which is why I broke it up with yesterdays away from the plot episode.