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A YAOI/BL/GAY webcomic about Vampires set in Italy based on the chronicles of our RPG. We thought that it could be fun drawing the "misadventures" of our characters :)

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PLEASE READ HERE! THANKS! Just to clarify the situation, from now on the pages will alternate between the cities of Pisa and Lucca. We say it in advance so you do not get too much confused. We have chosen this way to make clear that the two facts occurs simultaneously in the two cities :) What do you think about Caidan with short hair? *0*

Info about Jager. He's an Assamite and one of the disciplines of this clan is Obfuscate, that allow them to become invisible to others so long as you do not attract attention. At hig level, the Assamite can extend the powers to a group.
We told you a lot of time that Zhivko is dangerous XD His discipline is called Vicessitude. With that power, an experienced crafter can sculpt the flesh and bone of a subject, making them a creature of alien beauty or gnarling them into a deformed monstrosity.

And... Hey, guess who are the two cute animals? Come on, it's easy!
The background music for this page is fucking perfect Highway to hell - AC/DC
What's in the box? °O°
Wooden Tongues (Elemental Mastery): A vampire (Desmond is still a Ghoul) may speak, albeit in limited fashion, with the spirit of any inanimate object. The conversation may not be incredibly interesting, as most rocks and chairs have limited concern for what occurs around them, but the vampire can get at least a general impression of what the subject has "experienced." Note that events which are significant to a vampire may not be the same events that interest a lawn jockey.

Desmond, sometimes is better lower your hand without being noticed and shut up XD You are too pure for this world </3
This is the last page before a short christmas break! But we will pubblish a themed illustration as usual, so follow us on Facebook! <3
@Mystical Dreams: Hi! No we don't have a beta, everytime we try to ask for a beta it worked just for a couple of month, after that time she/he disappear. So we do everything by ourselves. Sorry if the english is a little bit rough, we do our best <3
Three Ravnos in a "strange" shop ... it seems like the beginning of a joke!
Do any of them have to stock up? XD
If you want to read more about Thaumaturgy you can go here:
Izaak is a little bit mh... disturbing, when he smiles, right?XD

In addition to healing properties, vampires blood has the power to create ties. After accepting blood from a vampire three times, one becomes under the supernatural influence or mastery of the supplying vampire.
Link for more info:

Regarding the "Masquerade" this is a sort of campaign which aims to convince the mortal that vampies do not exist.
Well, we can't deny that Izaak have cold blood... perhaps too much.
The non-reaction of Izaak, also during sex. Is more like a wardrobe, an empty wardorobe... XD
Izaak, stop to be such a sexy asshole èxè

A page full of dialogue... XD
Izaak is always cold and distant, even in these moments U_U
Sorry for the delay! We were really busy with the shop!
Finally a new update of Mismatch, for Purpurea you have to wait a little bit, because from 2 to 13 of August we will go on vacation! *o*
We will visit Los Angeles this year <3
See you soon dears, wish you a nice summer vacation!
PS: Childe is not an error, is a terms used to a young vampire newly embraced.
Yeah! Finally we did it! You can visit the shop here <3
A lot of asses all for you <3
Izaak has more of a "trick" to get what he wants.
As you can read in the characters and clans sheets, Izaak is a Ventrue, a clan that owns powers of manipulation and persuasion. On this page, he uses the discipline called "Presence" and in particular the "Convocation" power. This power allows him to summon anyone he have ever met, mortal or supernatural creature, it doesn't matter.
Ok guys, first of all we want to inform you that from this page onwards, there could be some scenes that you may not like.
Since that in the past some of you didn't like the relationship between Izaak and Connor, we prefer to warn you before. We know that their relationship is unhealthy. We do not confuse reality with imagination, nor do we approve rape, kidnapping, and anything else.
Then, fell free to skip the pages if you don't like it.
Do not you think it is very "sad" that an author should write such a warning?
Thank you for your love and however we hope that you'll like the page! <3
New project on Smackjeeves!
Someone plots in the shadows!
We started a new project here on Smackjeeves, called Mismatch, if you would like to follow us here is the link ^o^
You are right Jason, let's stop with this mushy and embarrassing stuff! XD