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Hi guys!
This is our last post here on SmackJeeves. Due that we don’t want to manage a lot of social networks, we have taken the decision to leave this platform :)
We are really sorry, but it's not worth the hassle...
So, there will not be any other update here but we will continue to do both our comics Mismatch and Purpurea Noxa elsewhere! You can follow us on:

Our website:

We hope that you will continue to follow us!
See ya guys! <3
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And here we are on the last page! Someone was expected that Falko would end in trouble? Will our white princess get out of this mess? Will Dylan and Connor survive? And will Dylan be able to help Falko as he promised? Who will be the shady characters who controlled Falko to help him? Who the hell is "She" for Gilbert?

For all the answers, wait for the next chapter! XD

Now we'll take a short break, but if you will follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you can stay up to date because we will post the WIP cover and extra for the paper book!
In the meantime, we wish everyone a good summer! ^O^
Gilbert will explode in 3... 2... 1...
The next page will be the last one of Chapter 5! *0*
-2 pages to the end!
Guys, do you know that we have an Instagram account? Join us here!
Just a few pages to the end of this chapter! What do you think could happen?
Try to imagine a restaurants with Zhivko as chef XD

Forgot to update here XD so there are 2 pages! This one and the previous!
Just to better understand, Calisto is an Assamite, they have a Disciplines called Quietus that at the leve 4 with the Baal's Caress can create a poison with their blood that can be coated on weapons to make them more dangerous.
Finally also Connor joins the battle, even if is still not really sure of what he's doing XD
Did you expect him to be a cute little wolf?

We also remember that the shop is open! Follow the link to our Tictail Store:
The 4th book in english will be restocked soon!
Run Caidan! Run as fast as you can! XD
Important news! Within the end of the month we will open the shop ^o^ Stay tuned!
Our "little hairy shit" is becoming a "big hairy shit" XD
The signature disciplines of the Gangrel is called "Protean". This Discipline gives vampires the ability to change form, from growing feral claws to evaporating into a cloud of mist. They can transform into two specific animal, one to attack, and the other one to run away. The escape beast of Dylan is obviously the squirrel, while to attack he become a lino. And Connor? He's a Gangrel too, what is the animal that he can become, in your opinion?
Link with some other details:
Say hello to our cute Nosferatu! XD They have a discipline called "Mask of a Thousand Faces" that give them the ability to change their appearance and mannerisms to mimic someone else.

INFO: This week we will go in Ireland for a little vacation, so the next page will be delayed a little bit!
Dish of the day: Squirrel stew. XD
Info: Vampires with Celerity can move with amazing speed, becoming blurs of motion to anyone, mortal or immortal, who does not possess the Discipline. Celerity, within Potence, is one of the Discipline of the Brujah, Hayner and Javier belong to this clan.
It looked like everything were going well, right Caidan? XD
Someone was spotted! XD
We told you so many times that our comic is inspired by a chronicle of Vampires The Masquerade, well, this is just the glaring example of how a roll of dice that goes badly can ruin the awesome plans of a fluffy Gangrel XD
Like in the best jokes: A Lasombra, a Giovanni and a Ventrue walk into a bar... XD
Mock the Sock, the best friend that everyone would like to have!
You are welcome Hayner, you and your good manners XD
PLEASE READ HERE! THANKS! Just to clarify the situation, from now on the pages will alternate between the cities of Pisa and Lucca. We say it in advance so you do not get too much confused. We have chosen this way to make clear that the two facts occurs simultaneously in the two cities :) What do you think about Caidan with short hair? *0*

Info about Jager. He's an Assamite and one of the disciplines of this clan is Obfuscate, that allow them to become invisible to others so long as you do not attract attention. At hig level, the Assamite can extend the powers to a group.
We told you a lot of time that Zhivko is dangerous XD His discipline is called Vicessitude. With that power, an experienced crafter can sculpt the flesh and bone of a subject, making them a creature of alien beauty or gnarling them into a deformed monstrosity.

And... Hey, guess who are the two cute animals? Come on, it's easy!
The background music for this page is fucking perfect Highway to hell - AC/DC
What's in the box? °O°
Wooden Tongues (Elemental Mastery): A vampire (Desmond is still a Ghoul) may speak, albeit in limited fashion, with the spirit of any inanimate object. The conversation may not be incredibly interesting, as most rocks and chairs have limited concern for what occurs around them, but the vampire can get at least a general impression of what the subject has "experienced." Note that events which are significant to a vampire may not be the same events that interest a lawn jockey.

Desmond, sometimes is better lower your hand without being noticed and shut up XD You are too pure for this world </3