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I love arts and yaoi!
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i know she just cares for the future of her children, but that doesn't stop her from being a biatch.. >.>' just give it up, mrs. dove, your sons are gay! ♥
MR.DOVE FTW! *rofl* ahahahaha lol.. X'D
so Mrs. Dove didn't see the kissing scene? *whew* well, if that's the case, we can breathe freely.. for now.. I love how you make such suspenses Heldrad.. X'D
oh noes! she saw the uber sweet kissing scene! TT^TT oh, I am so afraid for the both of them!
is in the verge of tears right now..
,__"__, Boohoo! The last chapter already! TT^TT It's so sad, but some stories as great as this should have happy endings! Anyway, d'awh, they'll be separated! I like how mature-ish they both look now.. I think "bed" helped a lot.. X'D
Oh btw, I'm from the Philippines.. :'D
uwaaaaa! happy birthday dear henry! it's exactly 12am where I am now.. it just turned july 16th.. :'D
d'awh.. give henry all your love, richard! :'D
this page is..
*dies* for fangirls like me! kweeee! *bursts into a million sweets*
Richard got pwned.. X'D
com'n henry, you know you want to kiss richard! X'D
the candle fell! zomg! I love the last two panels of this page! ♥
you are the person I like most in this world..

kyaa! *fangirl scream!* I'm gonna die of toothache because of his sweetness!
Richard! You're the man! Com'n Henry, you know you wanna snuggle with him! X'D D'awh, my poor Richard, waiting in that terrible cold! D;
A big LOL! XD You are bad in a cute way, Lawr.. XD D'awh poor Richard, that's the second time Henry rejected him.. X'D
Kyaa! I can't wait to read the rest! I'm totally excited.. :D
D'awh.. poor little Richard, he got his heart broken by his Henry.. No wonder he's such a rebel when he got older.. XD
awwwww! he got rejected! XD haha, (in a cute funny way though)
poor little Richard, he got hsi heart broken.. XD
nice update! XD
Post moaaaar.. XD
OMG! Kyaa! the smexy ass is peering through the glass window! How KIYOOT! Eeeeek! Is it love at first sight for Richard?! oh lol, I know you're tired of hearing this from me, but Richard X Henry is my favorite couple! ♥
Yay! I want to pinch Edmund's face! haha And Lawrence is adorable too! Hurray for Richard X Henry's past! I really really love that couple! So sad that Henry's brother died.. But oh well, nice to see a chapter of my favorite couple.

Le Gasp! 2 more chapters left?! *dies* Well, I hope you'll update soon! And good luck to your other(future) comics!
same comment as AzureVampire..
haha, i really love these pairings! please continue soon!
ooooh henry, you'll get in trouble if you do that! henry will get sad and MAD AT THAT TEACHER!
i hope you're ok though.
richard is truly luffable!
i laugh/love him! lol, ah, no! the evil sensei will meet him!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i haven't visited sj for a while and cloe has updated already! i love it! i also love this side story! richard x henry is love!
can i kiss both of them too? aw it's such a sweet kiss!
yay! looking forward to the next chapter!