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Grand Vannah Drift P5
And it's freaking DONE. EPISODE TEN IS DONE! No big spoilers for the overarching plot but at least someone won the race and got groped, plus Ro and Francis resolved their...issue.

Though nothing was fixing since the souls were lost anyways and the mysterious...G-man loses all interest in the L4D2 Angels.

See you next episode!
Grand Vannah Drift P4 very proud of this page, simply because of the inking and dialogue. There's a guest panel by Bunny, see if you can spot it! Hint: It's supercomplicated and it's hilarious.
Grand Vannah Drift P3
And so the car-drawing massacre begins. I hate HATE HATE drawing cars and streets. Inspired by Panty & Stocking Episode 1A.
Grand Vannah Drift P2
The start of my crucible/calvario, when the L4D1 Survivors come in and Ro gets a shock from the past.
Grand Vannah Drift P1
Holy shit, this episode is DONE. It was a long, arduous and in some cases, frustrating process but it's DONE. It became one of the most technical episodes/comics I've ever made, counting Shawn's Body. I am supremely happy with the results though.

I lied, there was some Nick/Ellis in this episode...and trolling is an art. These guys have it pat to a science.

That was Episode 9 wrapping up. Hope y'all enjoyed!
First page had this ref to the most amazing comic ever: Soulless Cas. Holy shit, I always laugh HARD at those.

Almost forgot to mention that there's a Bilingual Bonus in the title but y'all would've caught it.

HURR, Heaven's got some grade-A paparazzi. Thank you to Ash for providing this lovely Dean image.

Rawr, color mistake D:

A detour into two very snarky archangels and glimpses of the so-called Incident that got Nick, Ellis, and Rochelle kicked out of heaven.

Moose's Ithy came out sounding more like Mike Rowe (character PB) than what he usually sounds. CRAI. FORGIVE ME MOOSE!

The two Patrons briefly reunited only to kick this one Witch Ghost's ass...granted, this one had some of Gordon's power so it had to be put down.

Aww they do care...bonus bilingual points for anyone who can translate what Gordon said up there.

That's it for this update! Hope you enjoyed Episode 8!

att. the penguin
Yup, that is Dr. Gordon Freeman, in a black tutu, calling himself the Swan Queen. I'll wait for your childhood/teenage-mourning tears to dry. On the plus, Dossy rocking the Turret Mode Portal Gun, Akimbo style.
Finally, GLaDOS comes in all her sadistic bitch glory! Along with Wheatley...not pictured but the tallest and dorkiest angel in the Garrison...EVEN BEATING CASTIEL in these categories.

And yes, she and Wheats are based on Lady Gaga and Stephen Merchant, respectively.
Of course Gordon gets possessed by a Witch Ballerina. Why? I answer Why Not? :>
I cry because those beautiful can-can/cabaret dresses only appear in this one scene. ;_; Title Card should be enough to say what will happen.
Hurr sexy slashy transformation scene and general badassery. And so Episode 7 concludes, enjoy!
Everyone KNOWS a bitch like this prime example of humanity...and this idea actually came from one of my twin's doodles. A Bitch Ghost (literally).
Rochelle gets WAY too bad a rep in this fandom. Just like Nick is promiscuous and Ellis is gluttonous, Ro is avaricious. IDEK why.
The seventh episode and we have the boys in swimwear. Nice...And Nick's wallet...
A quick Nick/Ellis kiss and a sneaky Dossy to steal the <strike>cake</strike> gateaux.

Hope you enjoyed this episode!
That's a second instance of an arching plot! What is this I don't even-

But yes, there are hints of a plot coming along soon~