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I'm a freelancer who works a day job and very rarely dabbles in comics.

Message me anytime. :)

aim - Subumbrasedi
skype - vantivilligo
Feels like it's been years and I'm still enjoying the crap out of this comic.
October 4th, 2014
So great to see a new page! Welcome back!
And I said hey. What a wonderful kind of day. We can learn to work and play,
and get along with each other.
CHRISTMASSSS!!! So many lovely pages! These two are so likable - the way their romance is kind of awkward, and I do like that it's non-sexual too. Anyway, bravo!
I still like that you took the time to include that his tag is sticking out like a dork.
I can see where he's coming from. I mean, there's some seriously important major veins and arteries in there! If Joa gets distracted and doesn't pay attention he'll have a dead Dylan on his hands. Plus, the neck is pretty sensitive - ouch!
I thought Friday Night Lights was a film. I guess I'm behind!
It's not boring, it's cute! Sometimes you need to slow things down so it works.
That didn't strike me as the type to read that comic. funny though!

I can't remember if you've done teal recently, so maybe?
I can tell you that I STILL freak out with excitement whenever a new comic strip comes out!

This was very funny and I loved it! Looking forward to more! Please take your time though. Every page is appreciated. :)
B'aww. I love Lori.
Just out of curiosity, what certification program are you taking? I've been looking for schools in my area to get certified, but no luck so far.
Timothy, do you ever what's with the jumpsuit? Do you ever wash it?
IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? My favorite comic strip is back and still precious as ever. (Or it's bee back and I haven't been paying attention. If so, I'm a terrible fan and should be punched!)

Great job!
The same thing happened to me, only all female models that were the same shape and no matter where I set up in the room, I always ended up with her butt or her crotch. Only had one male model that entire year. Not much variety at all, in models or in poses.
November 19th, 2012
@firewolf826: I see that expression as being more grim than vengeful. Like this is the kind of life he was saddled with, having to deal with these kinds of things.

That's just me though. Great page all the same!
November 3rd, 2012
This scene is way cute probably mostly because of Sasha!

Although, if this is a America why is the car driving on the other side of the road? D:
OMGGG!! OMG OMG OMG! It's back!! I thought this comic had died and I'm so glad it didn't because it's seriously one of my favorites!

ps. Glad you're feeling better now. :)
October 23rd, 2012
"WHY U NO REALIZE U HELPLESS??" Yes his pose in panel 4 is absolutely perfect for this! Great page!
October 16th, 2012
The song sounded familiar so I looked it up and sure enough, I've heard it before! I wonder where?

And wow, if you told me to sleep on a motorcycle I'd stare at you strangely because that seems impossible - and dangerous! Glad you're okay.