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Why do these comics this remind me of Prototype so much?
This bonus story is going to be very interesting. And they better brick up the doorway.
Now back to playing the game.
True, the comic has gotten its followers and its place by the fanservice incentives, I don't mind them at all.
What I do mind is that same fanservice is slowly filtering back into the story itself, bit by bit. At the current rate, the boss is either going to be defeated by giving him a boner and having him die of shame, or Alice successfully casting her scroll.
I don't mind skimpy outfits and good looking babes, but this now comic is straddling the line between entertaining and downright stupid in these regards (skimpy outfits and good looking babes) with one foot on either side, and is wobbling rather unsteadily. Earlier on it would skip over the line from entertaining then back over fairly quickly, and stay on the entertaining side for a while.
When I started reading this, I actually enjoyed it. The cast was actually funny, and there was enough fan service and plot to keep things rolling along well.
Now, the plot seems all over the place, the cast no longer seems to be as funny, and fan service seems to be what this is all about.
If this keeps up, you will probably loose this reader.
I started reading this because it was a D&D adventure from a party of humanoid monster's point of view. Now, it seems to have lost sight of this, and become more of something 2 steps short of, idk, a porn comic, except with humanoid monsters pretending to be a D&D adventuring party.
At this rate, I'll be removing this from my favourites list, and looking for a replacement.
I don't mind the occasional bit of fan service in this, except that it just now seems to be all about the fan service, and nothing else.
I'll try hang around until after this boss battle, and hopefully the comic will go back to its roots, otherwise Au revoir.
February 18th, 2012
Reminds me of a Moogle from Final Fantasy - Crossed with a Viera.
Actually, I don't really want to think about that.
February 11th, 2012
Timestop + multiple Shocking Grasp's
Nice list of side effects. The growth of fur wouldn't be much of a side effect though, IMO, although ingrown fur would be.
September 14th, 2011
You've done a webcomic based on the core rulebooks of 3.5, and besides, you throw in some stat talk in the comic every now and then, and now your wandering if it isn't too meta/nerdy?
This is so much easier to follow if you understand 3.5.
And I like you drawing style in most cases. Makes the regular monster races that much more likeable, probably since they have a more human appearance than normal.
The only ingame reason why the Knoll would have such a high charisma would be if she was her tribes Hyena handler - Handle animal is a charisma based skill.

Also, what inspired you to make the armor of the Steam Knights like that? Star Craft or Warhammer 40K?
September 14th, 2011
Found this yesterday, and I enjoy it more than Order of the Stick. (A lot more sensible)
Reading this has made me want to convince my group to try an evil themed campaign.
And as for the Knoll's Charisma, taking into account the penalty they get, 14-16 would be my guess.
Yay, created a SmackJeeves account, since I'm starting to become a bit regular (that is, in my opinion, posting several times in a row, and likely to do more).

Also, Trigger. Mumble something unintelligible, and CHANGE THE SUBJECT!

A question about the comic in general, and the latest incentive inspired me. How do the characters fit clothes with such small collars over such large heads? (pick, pick...)