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midnight rose
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I love eye candy <3
Thanks ^u^! I'm just curious, but what program do you use to draw comics?
Tobiah is so lovable <333. I can't help but love your artwork, and I know that I already said that when I was reading virus000 but it's worth saying it again because IT IS gorgeous!
midnight rose
September 1st, 2011
Thanks for the update :3!
Haha I barely transferred to my new school when this page was put up :P. Well I hope that you have a wonderful time at school Kobayashi Rei, and you too Hyoukyo ;D!
Just to let you know your art style is FLIPPIN' AWESOME ;D!!! I like how proportioned everything is + how beautiful and realistic the characters are *cough cough excluding the teacher* (though I still like all of the detail you put into him :3). Keep up the good work, you have a lot of talent!
I feel bad for that poor little frog :'-(.
Hehehe gotta love the last panel <3
midnight rose
August 1st, 2011
Hahahahah X'D
I love your artwork <3.
I just started to read this comic today and I love it <333 I can't wait for the next update :3!
Looks like SOMEONE needs plastic surgery haha just kidding ;-). Joe still has his charm even when he's smeared with blood and is about to kill poor sexy Altan.
Ahahahaha XD!!! Oh wow, poor guy, but I still can't stop laughing haha.
luvs <3
Oh gosh,there so adorable X3 <333!
If he can move the hearts of kids at this age imagine how charming he'll be to the ladies (and men) when he's an adult!
I thought that he was everywhere kid because he looked allot like the kid in the picture and he also wanted Sergio to praise that superhero, but I guess I should have said that sooner instead of keeping quiet (drats >:-/).
tisk, tisk
Simon, Simon, Simon; you should really learn not to get in between the water's crush for Sergio.

I can't get enough of this comic; the story is hilarious and your artwork is amazing <333. Marry me CX <33333 (actually, no, please don't).
I love this comic <333
Mind if I fave it ;-D?
*sigh* It was love at first sight <3
The water likes you Sergio ;-), though maybe too much...
Drats, I reached the end >:-(. Oh well, time to fave this frickin' awesome comic ;-).
<333 Congratulations!!!!!
Kyaaa congrats congrats congrats XD!!!! I'm so happy for you :3!!! The ring is gorgeous and that is one HELL of an awesome mug shot ;D!