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[dramatic pose] "Huzzah!"
<_< Yah I got nuthin'.
Been drawing for a while now. I think my style is starting to set itself, but getting better as time passes.
Resuming work on my graphic novel. I'm getting super excited to get enough to start uploading here. :D
Corel paintshop photo pro x3 is the program I'm teaching myself to use. My eyes burn, but it will be worth it.
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Ole! :D
First panel, third line, "everyone one"? Not sure if that was on purpose.
Last line, first panel, "to clean".
January 31st, 2013
First line, "Balck" = "Black"?
Still an awesome comic. :D
Also, "loneliness".
Awesome possoms!!!! I didn't think I would get to read more of this story! :D So glad to see the awesomeness unfold. :D
This is sooo awesome! You are amazing! The details in the art and the story is just... Well it's brain twisting to think it's fiction (in our reality anyway). It all seems so real. :D
Also: last panel, either, "There's something else in that room with her." or, "Something else is in that room with her." :D
@quillionaramis: Didn't notice the "per person" thing. Now I feel like a troll. <_<
Normally, I would put all these comments into one big post. But since you're trying to get 50 comments, I'm breaking them up. :P
I do enjoy the style of drawing you use. It catches the eye, and is easy to follow.
The english is a little hard to follow, but a number of people have already mentioned this, and you already know.
I'd like to let you know, I like your story.
Okay. I'll be a pervert too.
If you have a creative itch, and the only prescription is writing fanfiction, do it. There isn't a doctor in the world who would contradict this. :D
Besides, as long as one person enjoys the story, you've done a great job. ;)
October 26th, 2011
Awesome. I love your humour. :D Among other aspects of the comic. It's nice to see awesome art/paneling without all the seriousness that can go with it.
Heeheehee. Patapon...<_< Excuse me while I go find my psp...
September 27th, 2011

EDIT: The above does not reflect my reaction to the story, but rather the posting of it. (Attempting to avoid giving spoilers.)
Would you rather we all scream and yell and demand you update faster? It doesn't seem to help. Art and story telling take time. And you know full well we are all loving you, even though we don't take the time to say so (I guess we should).
:P I'm always happy to see an update, but I will admit that I don't pay attention to when it happens. I just check everyday. ^u^
Dear RedJac,
Hive insects reproduce through incest. The queen births females, who become the workforce (including the soldiers in ant colonies). The queen only produces males when she needs more ...fertilizer (:V). The males die shortly after.
This is what I remember from a school project I did on social insects ...uh...16 years ago? Pretty sure it's all correct. You can look it up and correct me if you wish. :D

EDIT: Please note, the females not being the queen do not reproduce. Only the queen lays eggs.
August 31st, 2011
You are amazing.
The action, humour, characters (facial expressions, :3), dialog, etc. It all seems so real. And the art of it all. Simply amazing!
I don't say this very often about online comics/graphic novels, but I would very much like to purchase a copy (the series) at some point in the future. ;D

I do have one issue. If you could please fix the next button, I would greatly appreciate it. At your earliest convenience, of course. :3 No rush, we wouldn't want the quality to diminish, even a fraction of a percent.