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Im just another human being left to roam free within this world, pondering our existence.
So here I am, writing just one of my storys filled with heavy sarcasm, adventurous triumphs and questionable antics about life.

Things I like to read? Hm
But no. It will sadly not remember those later D:
They cant liiiiiiiiive, if living is without yoooooou!
i told you to stay under the duvet and pretend nothing was happening! Now look what happened.
@natuko_hom: NO WAIT. What if. I am your son O.O
I bought and tired a crockpot for the first time last week. Best thing ever.
AMG I completely forgot I have a student debt. I dont even earn enough to start paying it off yet DX
yeeeeeah, I have a feeling that isnt going to be successful, just go back under the covers and pretend everythings okay.
February 1st, 2016

January 27th, 2016
Nice! Great idea!
And they lived happily ever after! :D
January 24th, 2016
Um… the only thing that would be on my mind right now would be to get the frick out of there...
January 24th, 2016
OOOOOOH is that the girl from Sams!?
I said I would reveal these eventually. But theres no need to point out that it was a year ago I said that now is there!?
So heres Ivory now with her much shorter more manageable hair (also more sensible) and I threw out her choker as I have a slight obsession with drawing neck muscles.
Portrait three will be reveal at the same time I begin posting the Chapter two extra.

Bigger version here

Ill be making a news update soon as well so please keep a look out for that!
Now. Considering I suffer from sleep paralysis and im just about to go to bed I can safely say I am not going to sleep well tonight.
January 11th, 2016
Broken page? D:
January 9th, 2016
HAHAHA, Yes Charlie I’m sure this is pretty accurate! XD

So happy to see updates again!
Awwwww! Its so CUTE!
Thats the end of the chapter folks! I’ll be taking a small break over new years much like I did last year, I’ll make an announcement of when I plan to return when i’ve figured it out.
I might start posting a small fun extra in the meantime with Lux, just while I start sketching/planning the next chapter, and because i’m gonna miss the blonde bastard so I can keep him around a little longer, right?

See you soon folks!
All three of them finally got drawn in a picture
together! Well, and Lux. Who's name never even appeared
once. He'll always have a special place in my heart,
i'll miss drawing you darling. My beautiful blonde demon.