Real Name: Laura Tryon
Age: 26
Gender: Female
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I am an Animator/Illustrator by day, but by night I work on a comic called Static Skies.

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Static Skies
Last Update: 21 Days Ago Fans: 132 # Comics: 104

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Comment on Page 94 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 02 Oct 2014 12:38 pm
Hello, stranger!
Comment on Page 93 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 25 Sep 2014 04:34 am
Comment on Page 92 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 16 Sep 2014 04:22 am
Run run run as fast as you can!

@Onasaki :> ...
Comment on Page 91 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 30 Aug 2014 06:02 am
Oh hi there, portal.
Comment on Page 90 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 19 Aug 2014 05:01 pm
Green houses are where it's at, anyway!
Comment on Page 89 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 02 Aug 2014 06:01 pm
My apologies for the lack of updates. Just trying to catch up!
Comment on Page 88 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 11 Jul 2014 05:22 pm
Water water everywhere... and also lots of fish!
Comment on Page 87 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 04 Jul 2014 05:18 pm
Hi guys! I came back from my trip to Ireland mid-June and ever since then I have been trying to work on moving, getting over an illness and catching up on comic pages (of course)!

As I've mentioned, I'm exited for what's coming up soon and I hope you enjoy the next few pages too!

Thanks for sticking around folks. I really appreciate all the support you've given me! <3

@Yatagarasu Glad to be back!

@Onasaki Crissy is 10 and Peter is 8!
Comment on Page 86 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 07 May 2014 05:02 pm
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know why there hasn't been an update in a while (in case you didn't see the news post).

First of all, I've been working on completing a comic for Love Love Hill's sports anthology! If you're going to TCAF this weekend you should swing by their table and pick up "Fujosports" because that's when it will be debuting! There are some really cool comics in there by some great artists!

Second of all, I've been having to focus on finding a new place to live so that's been eating up a lot of my time.

So that's why it's been about a month since the last update. I am not abandoning Static Skies, in fact, I've been itching to get back into it! Updates still may be a bit irregular while I get settled in, but after mid-June I should be completely back on track.

I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop in case you were curious.

Hope you enjoy!
Comment on Page 85 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 17 Mar 2014 01:09 am
Sorry, updates will be rather scattered while I finish a comic piece for Love Love Hill's next anthology (fyi if you haven't checked out those girls' work yet you should)!

@SmilingAhab Ha ha ha ha! This is also a possibility!

@Onasaki Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Currently I've had to take a break to finish an anthology project for TCAF and prepare to move out of my current household but, once that's taken care of, I will be going back to posting a page a week (or more) on Thursdays! :)

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