Real Name: Laura Tryon
Age: 28
Gender: Female
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I am an Animator/Illustrator by day, but by night I work on a comic called Static Skies.

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Static Skies
Last Update: 12 Days Ago Fans: 158 # Comics: 162

Recent Comments

Comment on Page 148 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 15 Sep 2016 07:14 pm
Oh dear.
Comment on Page 147 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 25 Aug 2016 06:58 am
Run run run!

(Thank you guys for being so patient. I've been slow moving on my personal art this month because I got a new job, which is really awesome!)
Comment on Page 146 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 30 Jul 2016 06:15 pm
Hey guys! Thank you for being so patient. These past few weeks have been incredibly busy but good things may be around the corner for me?

In any case, I hope you enjoy the new page!
Comment on Page 145 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 03 Jul 2016 06:14 pm
Goodbye, strange person in my head...?
Comment on Page 144 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 25 Jun 2016 09:17 am
Hey! So, I apologize for not getting a page up last week. My only excuse is that I have been somewhat artblocked over the past couple weeks (something very rare for me) and nothing was really turning out good enough to put out. I think my hand is cooperating at last though?

That said, I hope you enjoy the page. Fun fact: easiest way to piss Crissy off: imply that she's stupid.
Comment on Page 142 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 30 May 2016 07:36 pm
Woo boy. This'll be an adventure!
Comment on Page 141 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 22 May 2016 10:29 am
Aaaaand sneak-mode activated!

(Again, thank you for your patience. Pre-TCAF time always slows down my webcomic updates. The convention was fantastic this year! Thank you to Love Love Hill for letting me help table and generally being amazing sweethearts.)
Comment on Update! of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 12 May 2016 09:46 am
Static Skies has been on hold for a couple weeks while I get two comics ready for TCAF! If you're in Toronto, you can come find me at table 220.

Updates will resume next weekend!
Comment on Page 140 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 26 Apr 2016 10:47 am
As much as I like rainy scenes, I am very happy not to have to draw them for a while, ha!
Comment on Page 139 of Static Skies
ZaraLT, 16 Apr 2016 07:35 pm
And in we go!

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