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I am an Animator/Illustrator by day, but by night I work on a comic called Static Skies.
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    Laura Tryon
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Uh oh.
@mitchellbravo: Thank you for continuing to read, despite the many tribulations I've been facing over the past year. I hope you enjoy what is to come!
Again, thank you all so much for your patience. <3
Well, here's a page that's been on hold for a while. It feels really nice to finally post it!
February 2nd, 2019
Slowly but surely getting back into the groove.
January 13th, 2019
Hi everyone! I finally managed to get a new page out. Updates might be a little slow at first, while I get back into the groove, but it feels great to get this out to you, at last. Thank you all for being so patient while my wrist has been recovering. <3
January 25th, 2018
@Onasaki: Hi Onasaki! Thank you for worrying about me, but I am alright! I made a long overdue update today to clear things up. Thank you for being a dedicated reader. I can't thank you enough. <3
January 25th, 2018
Hey guys!

Don't worry, I am still alive. Unfortunately, I don't have any comics for you at the moment. I actually have 10 pages inked, but not shaded, so that will be out hopefully in the near future. The truth of the matter is that things have been incredibly busy. First there was the Christmas rush, then I became a supervisor at my job and it has been eating up a extra portion of my time and rendering me pretty tired and unmotivated to do more drawing at the end of the day.

That's not to say that Static Skies will never update again, just that updates may be few and far between for a while. There are also two new comic projects that I will be working on to, hopefully, put into print at some point. I am very excited for them but, like before, I am currently lacking time and energy.

I cannot thank you enough for being patient. If I had endless time and energy I would be able to have more for you, but I am only human, sadly.

Have a wonderful day and look for more pages in the future! <3
October 17th, 2017
Hello everyone! Since I'm finding it hard to keep up with this comic currently, I'm going to be testing a new update schedule. I will be trying to update 3 to 4 pages around the middle of each month, instead of 1 a week, and see if the ability to switch between them will help.

Thank you all for your patience and for continuing to read Static Skies <3
October 17th, 2017
@tRickityHouses: Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the read.:)
September 17th, 2017
Aaaaand I have returned after an incredibly busy month!
I don't know why this page gave me so much trouble, but here it is!

@Bravocomica (spanish): It does, but on a smaller scale!
Late night thoughts...
Guess what returns next week! :)
And this concludes the Chapter 6! Join me in a couple of months (after I have renewed my buffer and organized all the new page files) for Chapter 7!

It's going to be a lot of fun... :)

Thank you for reading!
@Onasaki: Using magic would have immediately alerted Helga and he would have been caught.
He only did it after the ordeal to make sure everyone made it out okay!
@mitchellbravo: Great to be back!
Thank you for your patience. This incredibly stressful month of mine is over, at last!
January 30th, 2017
Finally, three of my main characters get to meet!