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I love you O:

I just.

See, the main thing is I stared at that one panel where it's like "Penis on penis action" because I couldn't understand what I was looking at. I was like. ARE THEY RUBBING TOGETHER OR SOMETHING? MEN DON'T SCISSOR. ARE THEY MEASURING UP? IS IT TWO NEMATOADS KISSING? WHY ARE PENISES SO UGLY?

And then my brain broke, and I am fairly certain that Connor is measuring peens.

And I am uhm. Not suprised at all. But I am still so glad I said "Lool I'm a flaaaaaaake" when the subject of coloring phase three came around.
Looking forward to this,
But I do find it kind of ironic that there's no eye color on that woman.
So, I swung by your comic only to develop emotional scarring and hangups D: *wuss*
why don't I know when youre online so we can play Ro togethur ;3;

I'd love it if Jewboy mc bang bang were in there. ;3;
You restarted again!? D:

That makes me sad.

Although your artwork has improved a hell of a lot. Though Krista, promise me you won't restart again! I want to see whether or not this is a good comic (that sounds harsh and I don't mean it to, but I mean, I want to tell whether or not this is an engaging comic plain and simple!) but I never get 20 pages in edgewise and it restarts.

Now I'm a total hypocrite ;3; Because we know I restarted twice and restarts are always "for the better" but I feel like since this comic is about you in a roundabout way it's decidedly more personal than other projects. Since your self perception is ever changing as you grow up you're going to be *cooonstantly* wanting to restart this comic even more than someone else who has a comic about something else. You know?

SO since I want to be proud of you and spam you everywhere (once I get off of my OWN ass oh gawd) SHAKE AWAY TEMPTATION, MY LOVE. Never look back! NEVER. Not even to remember what the panel order is so you can draw the next page, JUST DO EET
Ho *ho*, so this looks like total rape. :3

Total Ragnarok rape.

Wow, you've got my attention.
D: *paws at lineart*
I want to color this. ;3;
Keep doing what you do, Edvar D:
Effective page yes. And funny, too x3, but damn it, I liiiked Leighton. ]:
I'm really glad to see you updated~.
That first panel is excessively cute. ;3;
I really, *really* enjoy your watercoloring.
Aaah! I used to play Chalupa when I was a kid like. All the freaking time. Anyway your art style and the fact that you're doing this traditionally (That, or you're amazingly good at doing digital work to look traditonal) is excessively awesome, and I am stalking/favoriting your work.
I am excessively impressed :X Really awesome sense of place and I really like the transition in the top panel. And the guy in panel 2 somehow, somehow reminds me of Frollo. From the 96 version of Hunchback of Notre Dame. Which is a good thing.
D: I already like this.
D: These pages lately are making me giggle
Panel 3, panel 3.

;~; And I haven't even TOUCHED my pages at aaalll. I think I'm going to abandon digital art entirely and move it to bristol board, cause access to my computer is just lakfjekra.

Anyway though, panel 3.