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nyancat6650 had to run from the police so his new alias is EXFalchion
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    what are you doing here
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Space traffic. Happens to the best of us.
Nobody can escape the cruel grip of death, no matter how pure their intention.
did you come back just recently? i missed you man
@Guest: is this darky, scritch, or broblade
@Trubbish: is it possible for you to try harder darky
I have no ideas for an author comment so damn Daniel! Haha, what are those, am I right my dudes??? Here come dat boi!!! LOL
@Ren Fowl: There will always be a truth to Epic Journey for, no matter how much is revealed.
I mean, EGGMAN was the one who stole it... Don't blame yourself, Knuckles.
i miss this comic :(
"I wonder how many times I can get away with using the same joke,"
-Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945
Well, death is inevitable. That's just reality.
holy shit this place is still alive
i'm laughing holy shit
I can't believe this. A story finishes up nicely and greedy execs boot it back up for a quick buck