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January 31st, 2016
Seriously your art is AMAZING! I love everything about it! Character design, colours, the way it is drawn.. I'm in love - so excited about this comic already!
I've just started reading this comic. I'm in love with Bastien and your artwork!! Amazing!
I have not commented in a while but, why not ahaha

I have enjoyed this comic since the start. I was touched that there was a comic this real. Also because your age, being a male and not gay but asexual is a group we don't get to see a lot in comics/comic diaries. It has been amazing to see your life, even though you have gone through a lot of things. Bernard too - you guys just seem a bit "unlucky", but it's good that you have eachother!

I love your attitude. Even though you are angry you often seem to find a way to turn turn
things around, or let it be in a mature way (were I think maybe this comic also has been a release of those feelings Building up?) You have always been good at answering comments and etc. which made you even more.. reliable? Or likeable ahaha something like that.

Anyway - I will thank you for posting this comic, your life, onto this webside. It is the best diary that I have read. I completely understand why you end it now. :)
January 25th, 2015
That SONG!!! I love this comic a Little harder already ¢¾ Such a cute story so far!
*sniffs into the air*
I smell new shipping
I love those dramatic tears (Though I might have looked the same)
Thanks :) My father often makes stuff like that, but yes it's just so simple and so delicious. Especially with scrambled eggs ♥

- And thanks for answering comments, it's really nice of you :)
I want that breakfeast! Sounds so delicious!
November 4th, 2013
I hope we get to see that cutie with someone, he's suuper cute! Omfg
I love this drawing style! Can't wait to see more of this comic <3
October 21st, 2013
Omg new character - so pretty~!
I just began reading your comic, and I love your style! Interesting story :D Can't wait for more!
Happy Valentine bro<3!

I would like to show you a picture, but the only good pic's are on my phone, and that bitch just can't upload pictures to my pc! Yes, FB, but I don't want them there..

Anyway, I'm glad you answered, I don't know if you remember me as DeadConstance on deviantart? (Totally emo-like name xD But there's a story behind it!)

Anyway, I hope I don't sound like an total jackass xD Thanks again for answering<33!! ♥
Your hair is awesome :D But isn't it an undercut? I mean, undercut is all around, so the only the top hair is long, and side cut it's only the sides Ö?

I have an sidecut on the left! All the way down to the neck, instead of these pussies who only gets these: N9574+2.JPG.

Once some kids yelled I should just go bald, but yeah. People can be really mean, I just don't care ;P My friends and family likes it :D

Okay, thats scary xD!
And thank you :'D!
My dad is too.. I don't know why, but he really hates America, meaning that they are all psychopats, because that there are many serial killers, and that you can easily get a gun.

I got so mad, 'cause when I sad not all Americans are, sick, that would just be crazy! Then he said: "Most of them, and if you can't see that, you need to get checked." And then he pointed to his head.

I just don't get it, it's not like that there isn't crazy people in Denmark, and America just has another culture. I think it's crazy you can get a gun so easily, but that doesn't mean that the people buying them are, and not the whole contry.
Aww x3 So sweet!

I-I wanted to ask.. Can you set picuteres in here of your family? Like Miriam, Conor, Brad and Bernard?? I-If they want too.. ;w;
Have good time~ !