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I like drawing, painting, reading, playing guitar, singing, and playing video games.
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WOW. That was powerful. I didn't expect it to end like that. And beautifully drawn!
I haven't started reading but I'm eager to because your style feels very Full Moon wo Sagashite! I'm influenced by Arina Tanemura but mixed in with some Naoko Takeuchi so it's cool to see how we still have our own personal styles mixed in with our influences. However my Manga are very sloppy haha yours is well drawn and clean! But yah pretty fun =)
You got my attention, I know it's stupid but I'm always interested in drama that people experience in jr high (that makes me sound old! I'm a college student studying to be teacher <3) can't wait to see where this goes!
I LOVE arina tanemura's art and stories!!

Now that I got that part out of the way, YOUR MANGA LOOKS SO GOOD. I love it, you are doing such a fabulous job, i'm jearous!!!!!!!! KEEP GOING ;)
It's been so long =[
After 4 months of no updating, I see that 40 great people have taken the time to favorite this humble and poorly edited comic! Thank you so much, it's given me the encouragement and desire to continue the comic again! It also helps that me and all of my friends are a part again at our respective colleges, so I have a lot of time on my hands again! ;) I believe I can continue! I am also encouraged when I see other people who are doing black and white mangas, and after seeing how far they are into the storyline, I just want to catch up and also continue! I will finish that last page I posted ASAP, and finish up this introduction so I can enjoy drawing a juicy drama and romance between Touko and N!!!!!

So I started coloring with colored pencils but got impatient and finished with pastels...I took a picture of this with my ipod too. I just feel like the quality of this picture is lacking, and uploading it to the comp made it worse. It is the thought that counts though! right people!? RIGHT! =]
I bet if atty just apologizes than the family of bug pokemon will leave in peace =] .........v.v;; but that is just so unlikely that atty would do that!!!
it's been A MONTH D= thats awful!!!! but for a month this page has sat around waiting to be shaded DX


hey, the bottom of the page is cut off....what pokemon appeared? ;)

@TeamSonicPrez: well she's not THAT strange, because that background really IS sexy ;) ;) ;) lol
@elmocrazy: lol actually i think that your manga is moving at a much more professional pace than mine, so take your time =] you included black for one, and you actually showed the battle in her room!! i'm just untalented at story writing lol ;D
I made a BG!!!!! it might be poor, but it's THERE. I like the next page a lot. I look forward to posting it!! plus some special art soon for my friend Porky if you happen to be reading my manga, please go read his!! he has a GREAT sense of humor!! is the link!! ;)
Roger that!!!! =] I'll send you a message when i've done it! It'll probly be a couple of days!!
he is so GOOFY!!! I actually am sitting here laughing, i LOVE your humor! don't say you can't draw, because I'm a total fan of your style!!!
i absolutley adore how you draw actually, it has such FLARE!!!!! do you want me to draw him in my style or attempt yours?
i'm so glad you commented on my manga, because then i read this, and i think you are funny =]
@Porky: I like Cheren A LOT on this page!! He's the character I slack off at drawing usually lol XD Also, I would LOVE to draw your character!!! Is he on your profile here? i'm going to go looking =]
the next two pages are my absolute favorites so far, i look forward to putting them up!!!! =] FINALLY they took their "first step together". I feel like i've hit a milestone already!
I never thought i'd be that person who takes two weeks to update 0.o

today i went to buy new pens for inking... i bought a plethora of different kinds, hoping i'd get a really good one. i spent like 15 bucks..on pens. and then i come home and the one i liked best was blue ink.... so the one i used on this page wasn't very good. but alas, i'm gonna use them til they're dead.

also, i have the next three pages sketched out already. i really like them, i'm working on doing different angles, drawing more background, and just making each page a little unique. i reallly like them, and i'll put them up asap, i might even get some more up today because i have a lot of time on my hands!!!
I HATE DRAWING CHEREN'S OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAAAAHH! i agree there is TOO much going on. he's too stylish.