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Mm... I like reading, writing, drawing, music and jokes. MPreg, elevator scenes, and parking garage scenes scare the bejeezus out of me. Vampires are overrated. One Piece is awesome. Earthbound is win.
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Is it really heading towards a Peter wants Michelle thing? Because then why would he push so hard for Christo to get his shit together with her?
D'aaaw, Sam's got a puppy faaace.
Lauren's right that Sam shouldn't be looking for excuses. But I'm confused about the 'insist' part. Has Sam been talking about art exhibit pressure before this point?
I've been wanting to hug Peter for the last five or so pages.
YES, you're on smackjeeves, now I can fav+ you!!!
I don't know if it's true but I feel like it's been a while since Kara and Peter had a conversation. It makes me feel a little calm.
second panel rick looks a bit creepy. head tilted to the side, wide, dead eyes, hanging mouth... but also I'm sleep deprived.
say what you want, but Rick's black eye had a definite emotional impact on me.
I thought I'd be sad to see Atty revert back to the big jerkface he was at the beginning. Turns out I'm much better for it.
If Atty got Rattata, what would he name it?
You know a story's good when the audience gets this emotional about the good and bad of all the characters.
To be honest, it's kind of a good thing it was Peter. By comparison, if it were one of the other guys who found that diary, shit could be exploding a lot faster in a much worse way.
Oh Lauren, why are you trying to get confirmation from the guy everyone's telling you isn't a good idea?
I get the feeling that Atty will be defeated by the awesome power that is DTandRatComboCuteness. They are bros.
Kicked puppy face.
The next time I get a puppy I'm naming him Sam.
Christo is right
if he's referring to a fictional story/webcomic/movie/show, in which this is pretty much true. Just like how you can't go into a parking garage without someone dying.
June 30th, 2012
Gah. Hugging the pillows. All hunched and sleepy. So cute. Blagh.
Aw c'mon guys, Patrick screwed in the last arc, he's not gonna screw up this one. He's just joking! It's tactless, but it's still a joke probablyish. He's not gonna read Wiley's journal atthemomentish.

Also, I'm not getting the mountain thing.
December 11th, 2011
Haha... so Noah is Norbert's Mr. Wright? <3 *is lame*