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That pillowshading on the vehicles burns my eyes to a crisp.
Nicely animated, but I'm not fond of the clashing pixel sizes.
"I tried fixing it some"

why did you give her tails's tail

the shading confuses me greatly, is the lightsource coming from the top left or the top right? if it's the top right, why do the pants indicate it's coming from the top left?
Include a 1x sprite when you post so that we can see it at its natural resolution. This way, if we find it's hard to tell what's shaded or not, we can tell you you're doing it wrong.

Your color choice is very poor and the shades are very close together, making them rather redundant. This is especially noticeable on the midtone for the hair, and basically every black shade. I also don't personally think you need a dark blue on the jacket, but that's just me.
I feel like you don't need four shades of the lighter gray, and perhaps not even four shades of the light brown. Three would probably work better, and it might help clear up his ear area which looks a bit fuzzy in the 1x sprite.
It's also kind of heard to see the light brown on the face in the 1x, but I'm unsure how to fix that.

Aside from that, his hat looks a little too dark on the 1x, not really appearing to have too many shades because it all looks muddled together at that resolution.

I like it otherwise.

Hope this helped!
I'm not fond of the bubbles. They take up a lot of space and are rather clunky, though I like that transparency.
If your character actually looked like that, I would like him more.
So the overworld sprites are BW but the battle sprites are HGSS?
oh hey starster wazzap

I agree completely on them not looking like hooves, but I'm unsure on how to fix this, so whatever.
© Me, whenever
just so you know, a fox's tail is not a wolf's tail.
My guess is most people can't delete things.
personally, I like these small legs. They're rather dainty, and it looks nice. The problem is they don't have apparent knees.

Also I love that hair.
a flaw could be "it's the same pose over and over again with slightly different arms and little to no corresponding movement."
do you have their non-scaled sprites anywhere?

aside from that, v2 looks nicer in terms of shading and design, but the front of her head might be too cluttered.

can't really tell because these are scaled and edited
it would help if your nes sprites would function on an nes
quick question

why the hell is she thrusting her upper body outward. she looks like she's going to fall over.
I suck at feet, so that's understandable. As for the hat, it could have to do with the ridiculously large band of dark green.
we've been over this
i'm obviously whip
dang it's been a while since I've sprited myself.

included is a short timeline consisting of sprites I've used before this one.

probably won't make a sheet because I'm too lazy to scratch walking.

included is my signature arms folded pose because man I spammed that a lot.

probably requires more contrast but w/e

edit: gonna fix the point of the hat soon, saw some bits that bothered me