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I'm a fan of retro video games.
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    Henry Jones
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HOLD UP A SECOND SURFER SQUID. You can't escape us that easily, you forgot to do the Hall of Fame!
Well then. We're so close to the end!
The gym leader has a normal type... Well then.
Moltres and MC just connected. Have her catch it.
Woo! I needed some Pokesass. Welcome back Surfersquid.
Not to sound like a jerk but you misspelled creature.
So wait, is this team random or are you playing through the game?
Maybe that's why she needed a car. Psychic types are weak against car type.
What does a 10 year old want a car for?
MC is good at everything she does. It's in her blood as the main character.
Quick, give me a witty comment that you can response too.
MC, if you wish them so much luck why not let them?
I really hope you make a joke about that absurd wall in the final floor that's between the elevator and the president's office. His mornings must be DREADFUL.

I'm so glad I get to see this comic again.
Man, I missed a lot of updates. Good thing this comic is easy and fun to catch up on.

So, what did she ever do with those rare candies? Will Team Rocket ever get caught? Will adults ever make sense in this game? What about the kids? And will I ever make another friend that isn't a Koffing? Find out in the next epic episode of... TRAINER. WANTS. TO. FIGHT.
Koffing is just so happy she lost her friends. Poor thing.
Happy Birthday
WOO! It's great to see you back. Hopefully this comic will now get much more popular. I'll be putting a good word to some of my friends. Anyways good luck with general life and welcome back bud.