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List of priorities (in order of personal importance)
1. Procrastinate as much as humanly possible
2. Avoid doing anything useful with my life
3. Pretend I'm being productive
4. Think about doing something productive
5. Be productive
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@pfenix: Hey, thanks dude! Hopefully I won't take too long to get rolling once more :>

@senor_pena: Not my shins! Those are my favorite shins you shin kicker! I appreciate the support :3

@Author Jakes: Lame? Naw man you're radical! It means a lot to know you're supporting me dude :)
Hol-ee shit. Almost a year since I've even TOUCHED this comic. There was a lot of things that went wrong all at once this year, but regardless I shouldn't have just dropped off the face of the earth AGAIN like I did. That was my inexcusable mistake (woopsie haha). You guys are all great folks and I'm really sorry to have just left you all hanging like that, that's not just not cool of me. As for the future of this this point I really have no clue what I'm going to do. It's really been so long and I really need to get better, there's just so many things that I can see wrong with the story...for now I'll collect my thoughts and decide on what to do. Again, for whoever hasn't given up on me yet, thank you, and I'm really truly sorry for being so darned lame.
I lol'd at metroid and zelda xD This comic is just plain hilarious!
@Psychikos: Lol xD Now she's crashed and she's gonna crash some bitches :O
Feel free to hit me for that joke :I

@UnluckyTrainer13: It will >:D I assure you
Woo! Finally got you guys the update you so sorely deserve!
I livestream'd this one and had some great talks with some great folks :> was loadsa fun :D
IT'S GONNA HAPPEN GUYS :D They work really well together as a couple, I hate riding the shipwagon (is there even such a thing?) but I just cannot deny it any longer.
@lilmissbunnybitch: For reals? YAY xD I'm so glad you wanna use it haha :3

@Jobo: Sucks so bad when one can't get inspired :(

@Psychikos: TOOO INTENSE :O
Thanks :>

@Diseasedface: Thanks so much :3

@water42: Ouch...yeah sometimes a block can come in looong strides :< but it's high time I broke out of it. And thanks so much!

@killingbeavers (Guest): Ahh! As much as I'd love to start a new comic I can barely keep up with one comic, trying to do two would probably end up in disaster :S thanks so much though :3

@LocoMotionM: MAYBE HE IS :O
I was super depressed about this comic and my drawings in general for the last month or so :< I sincerely apologize D: I'll get back to drawing the comic nao!
uh-oh, looks like eric's gonna take a ride on the WILD SIDE! Woo-woop! Also, congrats on the big ol' 250! :D
Things are gettin so freakin intense >:O So awesome! I love this comic oh so much! (deserves way more comments and feedback then what it is getting >:( harumph!)
i keep clicking next but nothings happening!! AAAAHHH
@Psychikos: If you're going on a night out on the town, ya always gotta make sure to bring a Jack for good luck :>

@lilmissbunnybitch: It's an innate skill of Jack's, we'll see how that "skill" plays into our story soon :3

@Ano (Guest): YESSS

@MFreak: Haha I'm glad I gotcha laughing :>

@L.E.T<3: I'm so glad you enjoy it :3 I'm sorry for being such a lazy webcomic author :C
Get him Apple! Kick his neanderthal butt!
My lazy ass tried to skip an update!!!
But that's just mean! So I give you guys what should've been last week's update! I'll still make THIS week's update as well so no worries :3
(if you don't know what the alt text is referring to...
21 days is too long >:( i'm very cross with you Psy! (hasn't updated this week either. Shhhh!)
@Raine-chan: IF she ever does! Maybe she never gets her powers but realizes her true power is in her heart *brick'd*
AAH! this comic is just too awesome! so glad to see comics like this getting spotlighted!! the number of fans is just pure injustice! you deserve WAAAY more!
god, er, goddesses! i forgot how much i love this comic! your art style is absolutely beautiful!
No!!! Look at your hair Luffie!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU PERFECT HAIR!? D:
this is just so awesome already! i love reading comics that dig deep in the psyche of the insane xD i cant wait to read more and hope this comic is received well :)