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Things I'm not the type to do are adult (or M rated) stuff or human only comics.
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It actually looks like a toilet like that. The speck in the air.
Must have ate a lot of Skittles beforehand.
Doubt the 180 degree flip would be an accident.
Either way, he's in trouble.
So he's not really feeling it, huh?
To be fair, since Sonic is Tails' best friend, it makes sense that he'd be impacted the hardest.
Question contained swears and I'm not one to have those in my things.
Mobius and Popstar are opposites in terms of technology.
Yeah, (almost) no one seems to know how to answer that second question.
He likes to be on people's heads.
These questions will be answered, just not at the same time as there's too many at once.
Don't ask about that.
Double update because why not.

Don't ask how Green Kirby got there so quickly already.
I wanted to do another thing, but this makes more sense than what I thought of.
Motivation's a funny thing when it comes to sprites isn't it? I just wasn't feeling up to doing anything sprite related. Again. I guess it's a good thing I didn't set a schedule.

Anyway, I have an ask box if you want to send questions to a few characters of mine.
I was three quarters right. I had a feeling Scourge wouldn't live and I was half right on the colour.

I wonder who'll replace Sonic if he's not going to appear anymore for the every 25 page thing. Maybe Knuckles?
I just know Sonic will find some way to make every 25 pages known regardless.
May 19th, 2017
It's hard to take him seriously with that face.
Can't say I was expecting that.
@Smiffy SMF <3: My DA username is Foxypuff.