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That settle 'noise' though.
Said something else, at least.
Looks like you did it again.
That's gonna leave a huge burn mark.
Did you just post the same page at the time of writing?
Always gotta be that one person.
That's gonna leave a mark.
Those not on the good side never learn, do they?
Good thing he's right handed if he is?
Using the sunset theme thing as of late, huh? :P
You sure like to torture yourself this way, don't you? ^^'
This is somehow kind of reminding me of Meowth.
Funny. I thought years are short. :P
I know he's originally a bird but a squawking winged cat is hilarious.
Funny how they're still talking about awareness, which is to do with the forth wall, on the forth day of this month.
This is gonna take a bit to get used to the schedule change.

Also, I don't see him come up with a better word choice.
Onward to the next skit.
I see a mistake in the third panel.
There's never too much cuteness.
April 13th, 2018
Looks like Ket's breaking down. Poor Ket, having to watch this but unable to do anything. Even being an aware has its limits.

Also, I thought the blue on the pole was water at first.