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That face in the 7th panel.
'Oh no.'
Only Shard would know and not know at the same time.
How do you squish with a sword?
I mean, same difference, really. Some people just prefer to call them puffballs.
Um, you kind of posted this already. ^^'
To be fair, not every page has to focus on the main character.
I heard they had to delay the PC release to ensure quality on all PCs.
Dangit, Shard.
August 11th, 2017
Either that or a butt burn. One of the two.
Who could be inside that box, I wonder.
It actually looks like a toilet like that. The speck in the air.
Must have ate a lot of Skittles beforehand.
Doubt the 180 degree flip would be an accident.
Either way, he's in trouble.
So he's not really feeling it, huh?
To be fair, since Sonic is Tails' best friend, it makes sense that he'd be impacted the hardest.
Question contained swears and I'm not one to have those in my things.
Mobius and Popstar are opposites in terms of technology.