Real Name: Call me Michy if you want
Age: 21
Gender: Female

About Me

Semi active here.

Series I like (in no particular order):

I don't plan on doing M-rated stuff (well, you know, like showing blood and stuff), human-only comics or some other things.

My Webcomics

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Tails' Adventure Through Time and Other Worlds
Last Update: 8 Days Ago Fans: 71 # Comics: 289
Digimon Infinia
Last Update: 26 Days Ago Fans: 19 # Comics: 19
Mix up of all Mix ups
Last Update: 1 Month Ago Fans: 79 # Comics: 475
SGB2:RewampedSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 3 Months Ago Fans: 30 # Comics: 66
Darkness of Eden
Last Update: 5 Months Ago Fans: 18 # Comics: 39

A Fox's Chosen Path

Last Update: 6 Months Ago Fans: 6 # Comics: 5
Exploding Elbows
Last Update: 8 Months Ago Fans: 5 # Comics: 18
Last Update: 8 Months Ago Fans: 49 # Comics: 43
Universes no SupamudanpuSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 9 Months Ago Fans: 12 # Comics: 31
Slades Mansion of awesomenessSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 11 Months Ago Fans: 23 # Comics: 202
Last Update: Completed Fans: 85 # Comics: 568
Foxpuff's Sprite and Spam Stuff
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 30 # Comics: 135
Mikee's Sprite MansionSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 47 # Comics: 541
Traveling With the Fox
Last Update: 2 Years Ago Fans: 4 # Comics: 4

Recent Comments

Comment on Interrupting Yellow of Puffball-ventures
foxpuff, 30 Nov 2015 02:09 am
I finally gave in and updated Paint.NET. Not as bad as I originally thought.
Comment on Dumb Block of Puffball-ventures
foxpuff, 26 Nov 2015 02:12 am
Based on the AI stupidity involving blocks in certain areas with certain abilities in KatAM.
Comment on Warpstar Side Up of Puffball-ventures
foxpuff, 24 Nov 2015 02:48 am
This went a little better in my head.
Comment on 11-6 - Tempor-nesia of Tails' Adventure Through Time and Other Worlds
foxpuff, 22 Nov 2015 09:59 pm
Symptoms of a headache may include forgetting what you've just been told after hitting your head.
Comment on Green Green...Greens of Puffball-ventures
foxpuff, 22 Nov 2015 06:12 pm
That Kirby with the wings and tail, that's my Kirby FC. I actually sprited him before, but decided to just dump him for the time being before I recently decided to remake him a bit.

I noticed there aren't much in terms of backgrounds (or foregrounds I think those are called?) when it comes to the Kirby games in this style. I'll probably need to use some backgrounds from KSSU for more variety regardless.
Comment on Already Going Bananas? of Puffball-ventures
foxpuff, 21 Nov 2015 08:04 pm
So, I've decided to make a Kirby comic. I needed to use something else, you know? There may be another reason but I'm not saying what. :P

This doesn't mean my other comics will die by the way. I just need motivation and ideas for them.
Comment on 504 of Mobian Chaos
foxpuff, 20 Nov 2015 02:26 am
Tails? You okay there?
Comment on Gone Bananas of Aware
foxpuff, 17 Nov 2015 08:57 pm
Now if only there were actual bananas...
Comment on 19 - Up On A-Head of Digimon Infinia
foxpuff, 05 Nov 2015 10:11 pm
Oh hey there's another. And someone may have gotten her head hit a bit too hard.
Comment on Not a Usual One of Mix up of all Mix ups
foxpuff, 29 Oct 2015 12:22 am
Yep, someone's back, now with better looking wings. I still need to get some more sprites of him done, but I think he's been gone long enough. I also decided to change the text size just a bit so it should be a little easier to read now.

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