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Hmm... really like reading manga, drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, going to school (no I'm not crazy!), and reading beautiful web comics :)
He has human teeth hanging from his clothing. How lovely.
plug his mouth with your dick
that's some really intense soap-getting
*dances onto the comments page, aggressively throwing sparkles at twinks and gay punks before flying away*
It's 9:00. Ding ding! Sloppy makeout time.
that cigarette wont be the only hot thing soon anyways.

good luck on your interview bro!
Well yeah. It's hard to walk when you've had a thrust dick up your ass.

Though, personally, being kissed like that might have made me weak kneed too.
January 19th, 2013
please hold. i'm button mashing x
i would make pterodactyl noises, but i did that last time.

orgasmic whale cry
This scene is really really moving, actually. They're. So. Precious.
pterodactyl noises
@BronyGirl94: :3 thank youuu~ i'm glad people like it because it took 5ever to make XD
How long have they been friends? *quietly sitting on more ideas for fanart*
@BadBanana: I'm so glad you like it! :)
@BadBanana: short people are cute too.

haha well yeah that would make butt-whopping really easy.

casually drops link
small people are cute people~
p.s. i am working on that tango picture by the way...
So they just have the world's most perfect friendship.
jfc i can't hold all these feels *staggers under the weight of intense feelings*

is it weird that I want to draw Sam and Charlie doing the tango or something?
Well. I know this is in like every other comment i make in your comment but...