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I'm obsessed with arachnids and the New Zealand glow worm. I'm extremely fascinated by the smaller parts of our world that lie hidden just below an unturned leaf.
I'm also plagued with frequent typos.
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    Itssa Sekret
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D'AWWW, Harvestman! ;;3;;
That last panel totally reminds me of my brother and I though LOL! (Bro being Harvestman.)
Ahaha! I find Scapegrace's expression to be positively priceless! I think... isn't that the most expressive we've ever seen of him? o:
I really don't like doctors, but this guy has such a nice character design and such a creepy stare, I can't help but love him. ;3;
Pfff, I love Scapegrace's face when he's saying he's building a fort. I find it adorable. x]
Oh, man. Remington is absolutely ADORABLE! And I'm in love with the fact his horns are a helmet.
Also, this comic put a huge smile on my face.
Oh, look, I finally decided to leave a comment on one of these.

fghgfjhdf MOTH! <3
Poor Scapegrace. He smells like a lady~
That moth is absolutely adorable, though. I should really draw some more fanart for these guys. I just love them so much, and your character designs are always so wonderful~!