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My style is quite DERP.
But sometimes it looks HERP.

Um, yeah. :T
@SIDEPROJECT: Ahh, thank you so much!!!
@R-R-R-Remo.: Thank you very much!!!
@VyperPunk, @SIDEPROJECT & @iamwhoiam2: Y-You guys are so sweet! I now remember why I loved Smack Jeeves so much. It is full of the sweetest people ever! Seriously, thank you!! It means so much to me that you like my characters, and want to see updates. Ahh, thanks!!!
@Tabery & @bluswordgrl: Thanks so much!! I will do my best to not let this thing die. haha Thanks a lot for reading!
Oh my god. I am the worst updater ever. I'm sorry.
I really want to continue this comic, though. So despite the fact that I'm still a bit busy with classes I'll do my best to keep this project alive! So if any of you actually want to keep reading this: THANK YOU. You'll make me very happy.

Okay, so. I'm glad I still have my drafts for chapters 1 to 5 on my notebook, because it was easy to remember what I wanted to draw next. haha! The lines of this page are like 7 months old, though, so they look a bit weird to me now... uhh. I also want to change the cover page so badly. bluh.
@Suzumu Noboru: Thank you so much!!! ;u;
@camperwes: No, no, no! No way! ;u; I've just been a little busy these days, but I'll be on vacations very soon, so I'll continue it then! ;u;
Thanks for asking, though. It means so much to me. Really. I'll definitely continue it. ;u;
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@bluswordgrl: what. He is not gonna kick him. xD Yup. Maybe that's why~
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@SIDEPROJECT Ahaha, thank you very much! ;v; ♥♥♥

@Megane-Chan L-LOL!!! I didn't think about that! Your comment made me laugh. haha~
He's Ryan Parker. ´q`~
@IEatTacosForDinner, @roxjey, @LiveLoveAnarchist: Thank you so much!!!

@iamwhoiam2: Ahh! I'm so glad to hear that!! T-Thank you! ;U; ♥
Chapter two: start!
@Rainbow :D: Really? Hahaha, that's cute. xD
@IEatTacosForDinner: Ahaha! Thank you!!! I-I'm glad it makes you glad. ;u; ♥♥♥
End of chapter 1!!!
Okay. Now, I must go and finish my homework!

Also, I've no idea what they are saying in panels 1 and 2. lol
@sala218: Ahaha! R-Really?? Waaa, I'm... I'm so happy! Really. haha ;U; ♥♥
I'll definitely update it more often now!~ ♥♥♥
@SIDEPROJECT: Thank you!!! ;U; ♥♥♥