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My name is Cheryl and I like to doodle.
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Here is Charlotte's castle for real this time! The orchard is there on the right, it was made by Charlotte's father. The big rectangle looking tower is the king's winery. Charlotte's father would make apple wine. They no longer make wine, but there are still loads of bottles that the ladies all drink. Sometimes even too much.
Enjoy your cooties, Charlotte.
Nichole and her horses.
Oops! Thanks! XD
Charlotte treats Carol like a cat sometimes.
Just some cutesy stuff. :3
A new and mysterious character appears!

I guess it was a bad idea to use Sharpies and Prisma Color markers together after all...
Charlotte finally gets to make her announcement...and no one really cares.
Queen Charlotte, Carol and Coco at the beach. In their swimsuits. They all dress pretty conservatively now that I look at this. XD I don't know if you can tell, but Carol is my favorite character.
Here's the rest of the cast, including Carol. I wanted to quickly explain why Carol is always hanging around Charlotte. Carol doesn't get a fancy title.

Coco's and Charlotte's ages are yet to be revealed. :o

Oh, and Josephine and Nichole are twins.
Here are the characters, I though it would be best to introduce them all as soon as I could. The goofy job titles will be explained later. ;D
Pregnant ladies sure can sleep.

I'm on a roll this week.
Pregnant women sure do sleep a lot. Ooh, another character! :o
In case you were wondering what Charlotte's castle actually looks like.

Okay, it's not really a sand castle, but I've been busy and I've been bouncing back and forth between two different designs for the castle.
Sorry for the poor quality, I'm trying to move this thing along. :o
Getting a little lazy here, but what can I say I've been busy!
Charlotte has some sort of announcement she wants to make. :o
Charlotte and Coco are a little reckless. This just seemed like something they would do, or at least attempt to do if Carol has anything to say about it.
I can't use my scanner while I wait for my new laptop to arrive, so have a weird cat doodle I did in GIMP 2!
Charlotte looks so cute and helpless in the last panel.