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Hi my name is Scully for short I'm very new on the webcomic scene and my art is subpar at best but I hope you like my story <3
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but hey not everyone can be his mom just sitting on peoples face
@Guest: its a color theory art thing
@Auron: well that is probably her name which makes sense to her power but with the temple and the flashbacks she's probably the reincarnation of black which is all colors mixed and my theory on white is that its the three main with light , which is why i think the temple exists it holds the colored people in reverence white probably being at the head and black the outcast or even demonic figure treated badly leading her to kill the others and absorb their powers
Iwe have met Red, Blue, Purple, Indigo and seen Green and Orange only missing Yellow and possibly White cuz I think assistant is Black
Which sibling is he married to , to make him joes brother in law ?
I have super loud across the street neighbors T^T
Not one of my proudest moments..... I have to rethink ramen and demon summoning rituals
Hi <3 this is the first part of two, This comic doesn't have a plot its small stories following the same person . I hope you enjoy
So I'm doing a smidge of reorganization and wrote a rocking prologue so Im making it <3
so can one of the witches be a man?
that is a nice butt
cosmic magician? thats what he looks like but in other news I still like Harold better and like my HaroldXAssistant ship so much more, even if he does look dapper in black
its so gonna be fear magic or darkness or something
neeeeeddd morreee
must have more I'm so pleasantly confused
dont be embarrassed this webcomic makes me happy and these last few pages have been *pulls at collar* very erotic and action filled
comes off like a duche in this.....
your backkkk
keeps his secret of being whattttttt