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I am just a long-time Warcraft and Comic Book fan who saw a great opportunity to combine two of my passions to create something fun and enjoyable.
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Some people are just really sensitive about being compared to a destroyer of worlds.
I'm finally to the point of introducing the main characters for the last half of the comic. Several have already made a few appearances.

This is Landra Windstorm, Priestess of Elune with the druid Evenon of the Cenarion Circle.
@Reign of Chaos: They are Alliance, a Priestess of Elune and the other a Druid of the Cenarion Circle.
This is the final comic of this chapter.
Voren'thal blinks past the Aldor guards and into the central room on the Terrace of Light, where he is frozen in place by Khadgar. A'dal hears his plea and accepts his aid and surrender.
The facade evaporates and Shattrath City is revealed. Voren'thal agrees to surrender only after an audience with their Naaru leader.
@Lejinad: I haven't had the time to work on it lately. Recently, I've been rather sluggish with the comic even. With Machinima Studio not functioning correctly and WMV being buggy, I suspended Monday comics until that's fixed. That should also buy me some time to work on Illidan & Gul'dan.
Voren'thal leads his team to the hidden city of Shattrath.
Torvos risks his life for his faith in Voren'thal's wisdom by making a treasonous statement.

They are meant to be on a floating cluster between Netherstorm and Hellfire Peninsula. I didn't have enough room to write that but I didn't think it was very important to specify as it should be obvious that they are no longer in the Netherstorm or Tempest Keep. Hellfire's floating rocks looked pretty ugly up close, so they are actually on recolored floating rocks from Deepholm.
I've always liked the idea of the High Elves being sun worshippers. It made sense to me, seeing as how the sun is such a prominent symbol of their culture, and that their ruling dynasty was named Sunstrider. The "sunwell" it seemed to me, was a spite at the Night Elves and their moonwells. I don't think it to be too unlikely that the High Elves also started to worship a sun deity as the counterpart to Elune.

The Tauren "Sunwalker" paladins claim to receive their light-based powers from An'she (the sun), so I went a step further and made this the original basis for the Holy Light in the first place. The religion would have been created by the High Elves and later adopted by the Humans (and much later re-discovered by the Tauren).
Aw, too bad you stopped here. I really liked the Day of the Dragon novel.
It's really too bad you stopped here, Tenabrais. You weren't too far from the end.
Voren'thal is a scryer. This is what scryers do.

Reposting from the News section about the mistake: In "Battle of the Dark Portal", Khadgar comments that the attack at the Dark Portal coincided with an attack on Shattrath by demons and Blood Elves. In "Dance with the Devil", it is revealed that Shattrath is hidden with magic, and unknown to Kael and his Blood Elves. This is an error on my part as the hidden Shattrath was a more recent idea I incorporated into the story and I will adjust Khadgar's dialogue on that panel soon to correct this.

For the time being, this is what you should know as of this strip:

-Blood Elves and Demons have been attacking non-Draenei settlements on Outland (Human, Dwarf, High Elf).
-The Burning Legion (sans Blood Elves) attacked Shattrath at the time of the Dark Portal attack.
-Blood Elves were unaware of the presence of "untainted" Draenei prior to the attack and seizure of the Exodar.
-The Alliance is currently unaware of the distinction between Illidan's forces and the Burning Legion.
Kael'thas comes to Voren'thal with a request for him to use his scrying capabilities to remotely view the ancient Draenei city in the Terokkar Forest that houses Naaru, but Voren'thal is hesitant to cooperate with the Prince's new allies.
Kael'thas meets with Brutallus at Tempest Keep. Kael wishes to speak with Kil'jaedan, but he is refused until Outland is deemed secure. For this to happen, Kael and his Blood Elves must neutralize the Naaru threat in Shattrath City.

I am re-imagining Brutallus as the successor to Mannaroth and Azgalor for the comic. His role will be a little bit expanded upon at a later time.
Sylvanas exits as Lor'themar includes Rommath in on a possible game-changing secret.
Sylvanas refers to Anveena Teague and the events of the Sunwell trilogy.
Sylvanas Windrunner interrupts the meeting between Regent-Lord Lor'themar Theron, Ranger-General Halduron Brightwing, and Grand Magister Rommath in order to confront them about the rumors she had been hearing around Silvermoon.