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Perfect timing!
The first comic on the "Top Picks" bit for me when I loaded this was #679--Keno thinking Poe is a fart demon! :)
Here you go Neko--
At least it wasn't a d4...
In the immortal words of Marvin Martian: "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"
Now, I have one question: How does one distinguish between Nekolytes and Fuckweasles?
This needs to be added to the T-shirt list!
There will be shirting ordered this weekend!
Exactly like that, you evil man! :P Now to wait for payday!
I second the shirt idea!
@NtKGar--Meat Day should be an international and inter-religious holiday!
@NtKGar--Thing is, there's other names for the same rhyme scheme, but that one looked amusing, and, honestly, how often does one get to wax Welsh outside of Cardiff? :)
@NtKGar--Yay! My ID of the rhyme style stuck! :P
@NtKGar--Bring it, ya daffy bastard! :P
@Remzal--I've read the entire works of Lovecraft while sozzled to the gills on various things (including absinthe). NtK ain't gonna do strange things to the dreams coming out of my mind. :)
Amazing work, Gar! Love the comic enough that I decided to challenge myself: Read through the entire thing a second time--in one sitting. :)
For some reason I'm hearing a particular tune about a washerwoman...
Going Welsh with the rhyming, Gar? :)
Well, bugger!