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My character is an Oshawott who likes to eat pie and cupcakes! :D
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    How dare you!
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It could be Pokemon!
Really annoying. But atleast I pass.
Well, then, Happy Belated-Birthday!
Man, that took so long to type!
I like your new look, Darkus. Remember to post it's sprites, and I saw your comment about adding people to the banner before it got deleted, so I will do that tomorrow.
Thanks everyone. Also, your icon is funny, bravewolfd!
And that's why you don't take vacations to Detroit.
It's my birthday today! Wish me a happy one!
Where'd you get that sprite of the humanoid Tails Doll?
No, every comic all together makes 51 comics.
Just to note you, when Darkus posted the sprite sheet of Valker, the 50 Comics comic became 51, so now this comic is now 51.
50 Comics already! Man, times go fast. I'd like to thank everyone, including the authors, for making this comic up to 50. Now let's get to 100! w00t!
To answer your questions:
Yes, subata, there are more Tails Dolls in the army, I just couldn't fit that much.

And to answer Blast the Hunter's question, I found the sprites at Mystical Forest Zone (a place with Sonic sprites and comics.)
Okay, okay. It was just practice.
The long-waited plot has finally begun. This plot will be paused when this comic hits 50.