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I'm a graphic design student who has a passion for illustration and comics. I rely a lot on my creativity, but am constantly seeking to improve my execution.
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Sure thing!

Please link me so I can see the finished review when you are done. :)
Love the detail and style used on the clefairy doll panel :)
2 Badges down!

Felt like this was a good stopping point for now. Hope everyone's enjoyed the story thus far. I'm taking a break for a bit to finish my last semester of school.

I'll be back in May/June with more hopefully! See you all then ;)
I think I'm just getting progressively worse at keeping teammates. :/
Hands. And books. >.> Ugh.
What's harder than making pidoves look scary? Drawing a freaking gust attack. >.>

Was really sad with this loss. It's making my game harder. :(

Two updates today!
Pidoves are just silly. Try to make them intimidating, but they have two heart shapes on them...c'mon!

Two updates today!
Haha, should I be offended right now? :p
The first loss is always the hardest. :/ It makes you realize that you CAN actually lose this game.

Also...blood. >.>
Gotta love those update pages. ;)
Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out :)
If you think they're're wrong. >.>
Here's that battle scene that has been building for 2 pages ;)

Also, I really do get terrified when my opponent uses bide. :/ It's so good.
I'm pretty sure it's male xD

(I haven't actually played my game since December. Still trying to catch up with the comic.)
>.> Can you really blame her??? haha
Nah, just dramatic point :p

And yeah...there's just so much secondary story! I've got more Snivy action later though ;)
I'm beginning to think that this secondary stuff is going to keep interfering with my 8 I'm just gonna have to give in. Eventually :p
Thanks! :D

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the new pokemon, but Snivy is cool so far :p