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I have a DA! (not that anyones interested)
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He's going to believe the pictures and turn on Sakari.
February 8th, 2017
It totally matters, it could happen again if they don't find out.
XD LOL The guy has no idea that one is a cat~
I just what to point out to those who keep saying Ivo was in a drugged state and Dragosh didn't know- he is the one that drugged Ivo. Dragosh also personally knows that his own self is no longer human. This should make it obvious that his own body would respond to things differently than Ivos body will. Actually, he took that difference in to account when he was saving his friend. Since only he(a unique non human) Had gone down that hole... water stuff? He didn't know if Ivo would survive it like he had. That shows he is capable of putting those things in to consideration. That means he should have realized any drugs he put in Ivos system may respond differently to a humans body. When making use of medicine, one should always consider possible side effects, not just if it works or not. It's Dragosh' fault he is in this situation he is in now. If he had WAITED until Ivo wasn't drugged, then things could have developed whole both were of the right mind. He had waited YEARS, a few more days wouldn't have killed him.
This is what I've been waiting for. I don't want him to be okay with it, or let things go. What Dragosh did was bad, it was super bad. It was more than rape, it was drugging, taking advantage of Ivos trust in him, and disregarding the lives of others. Ivo may not have been well enough to leave, but from the beginning Dragosh showed no concern for the others lives. He has shown concern for Ivo, but I'm not sure how honest it is. Did he want to help him because they used to be best friends, or because he thought the red head was hot? I used to think he cared and may not have realized what he had done, maybe he hadn't, but right here... After he recovers from shock, the first thing he does is try to back track. He has yet to admit he fucked up, apologize, or show any sign or remorse for his actions.
December 7th, 2015
@ecstacywolf: The guy on the ground has a different skin tone and a different vest on. They also have different hair styles. They are two different people.
@timefox: I live in the united states. In 2004 I had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The area I was in was very similar to what the person from the UK showed. It was an up to date, state of the art hospital that people would travel from all over the united states to visit at the time for care. The only difference between the hospital I was at and the UK image was the massive use of curtains, likely so patients wouldn't wake up and start freaking out? I don't really know why the curtains.
December 6th, 2015
It feels like they're dealing with a bird don or something XD
I like this. He ignored it or brushed it off whenever Ivo protested or argued on anything, but now? Ivo has picked a heavier way to protest and it is finally getting through that he isn't happy.
@Flurry: That reminds me of the flash back Dragosh had where he was told of a sensitive place. It certainly does lean towards a misuse of trust.
@MoonByte: He was still effected by the poison at that point, so he wouldn't have really been able to.
He has certainly taken advantage of his friend being weak from the poison too much as it is. I doubt anyone would actually say yes if they were in that same situation~
My favorite pairing is still Herz and Jura~ I ship them sooo much~<3
Well, dragons do age a lot slower so...
Yeeees, get up, don't let the crazy monster beat you! o-o
You little innocent lamb~
Their argument is adorable~ XD
Juraaaa! Don't let him wiiiin~ >_<
Still don't like him, he's still responsible for her brothers death.