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After a three year lack of interest, i have returned.
my only other account is cyran k?
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/play the song of time on the harmonica
And i was about to get ready for making an update...

oh well, i guess i'll later see if i can rejoin much further down the line when i've got more work to show and have a much better idea at how to work with other people's characters.
May the twin vending machines in the kitchen that we never use avenge him.
I took a long time placing the kirbies, and it still isn't enough to show how many there are, also my character is finally here.
dun dun dun.........
psychics always win is his retort? well, atleast he didn't say it's no use.
search a bush.
geeze.... just like mother 3.
>slide under the door
those 4 over there were ignored too.
O_O kitchen raid.... welp, now i have reason to update.
>ask the orange ninja, he seems to be the only piece of intelligent life under the bed.
>look at the book of ridiculous inventions first before you go to the bed
>go up and attack the orange-haired legoman with the lego brick you picked up earlier.
i don't have any sonic style sprites... :( i'm the only scribblenauts comic maker on smackjeeves.

>jump up to where the sunbathing legomen are now that they are low enough for you to jump to them
>ask the face sticker for a hint first, just incase she has a different hint than the envelope will lead you to.
attempt to use the ninjago paper flipbook as a parachute and attempt to land next to the lego figures once again.
hmm.... grab the nearby lego brick and use it as a weapon incase there is any hostile enemies in the area.