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Just sharing my thoughts. I want to try something new ; u ;
follow me on tumblr:
the link to my rp partner 2.0:

Hope to see you guys there and hope you don't mind I gave the characters a make over;;; theygotalittlemoremanly
what do you think?

I'm sorry guys.
Guys, I want to say thank you for the 2000+ fav.
I started this comic without even thinking much and it was meant to be for fun. Never would I thought so many of you will actually take the time to read what I did and yeah even fav this comic QuQ

link to larger version:

So yeah again, thank you. //bows onto the floor.

ps: imma go on hiatus since I have to prepare for some kinda art show in school ==;; er I'll be back hopefully in April. But yeah do take care guys!

February 16th, 2013
as much as I like smut and fluffy feelings, I also like comedy.
I was tired from thinking about chapter 2 so I did this :)
February 14th, 2013
I FORGOT, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! well to people in love lololol
to single people like myself~ HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!!! XDDDDDD
February 14th, 2013
Finally chapter 1 ended... //slow clap for myself.
why can't my life be like these two-- hnngghh chest pain-- //lays on floor
February 11th, 2013
@A v e r y: I won't stop this comic since you guys are doing a good job cheering me on QuQ

I wanna be bishie-- //chokes xD

@iggs: I won't stop it at all >.< you guys gave me motivation with all these comments~

@CielLuna: I won't stop since a lot of you guys are motivating me to continue ;o;
February 11th, 2013
@JayRayne: LMAOOO I don't want to stop so I'm asking you guys to slap me QQ
I read all the comments and it makes me happy even though I don't reply them sometimes >.>;;

@Scenister: XD well it made me happy so it's alright~ I don't want to stop this comic since well I started this comic knowing very well that a lot of people out there are..hmmm something like the characters in the story.

@StupidLaugh: reading all these comments make me happy xD Thank you and yes bitch slapping me really does help so it's you people's job now!
February 10th, 2013
@ArisaMAG well I don't want to stop it so I'm asking you guys to shout and slap me if I say I want to stop QuQ

@SyntheticAire I already took a break actually xDD there was a time when I didn't update the comic in 4 months >u> but yeah it still gets to me sometimes :/

@midnightflyer LMAOOO PLEASE DO XDD I need to move on ; u ;
bitch slap me if I say I wanna stop this comic. That will be you guy's job kay ._.
Oh I'm really into Instagram now so yeah.. if you have an Instagram acc, follow me there to see my face or something-- //chokes :d
username: rai_dai
I'll love you if you do ._.
It's getting harder for me to continue this comic especially after I broke up with my own rp it's been like this for months now... but yeah I'll try to continue it. Sorry for the late updates.
@EpicLexiPoo: I'll try to upload multiple when I'm in the mood to draw comic xD
@Soen Kai: I should be the one clawing my monitor since I don't know how to tone comic as pro as you //lays on the floor

and yeah I do prefer several pages at once since it's more interesting and I hate it myself when I have to wait just for one page :/
@nekonessa: happy belated birthday xDDD
@XXUD1Xx6920: I will update this from time to time but for one thing I know I won't stop making it :D

LMAOOO he has a towel on xDDD
@RunicV: things will get better for both of them UuU
From now on, I'm going to draw several pages and upload them in 1 day so you guys don't need to wait every week for just 1 page updates kay :3
I might start a new comic about Lance's friend after I'm done with this comic xDDD
I just love that boy U3U