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I just love this comic I like that you have your own style and each of the characters are so adorable and have awesome personalities!
Vampire Razer
September 25th, 2011
I like how this story is going so far love the characters! I will keep checking for update :3
oh wow I hopped on smack for a second and became fully obsorbed in this comic I normally just read random comics but this on has me hooked I love the characters and art I cant wait to read more!
saw this on DA and just had to comment on how adorable Naomi looks :3
yeah I meant Reese now that you say it he is kinda an awesome geek. he was just so adorable deciding to go out and party solo, getting drunk and just passing out and being woke up suddenly XD I love the thought you put into you characters :3
haha this manga is awesome I love it! Love the spunky main character.
wow this manga is so cute I use a cheaper alternative as of late I found a are store called Utrecht that had they're own brand of design markers for just $1.99 a piece and they work just as well as letraset I used them for chapter 2 of Vampire Razer here is the online store amp;brandname=Utrecht
lol "spin,spin,spin" so cute I could see myself staring all random like that XD and Naomi is so beautiful here.
oh noes XO very cute page <3
yay gratz Deus I just saw the banner for "Going to Fakie" looks so cute I cant wait to see what you and Boneless come up with :3
whoa thats cool Naomi is so sweet!
whoa this page is amazing I love the little animation it is cool! and well drawn as always!
An awesome magical orb thingy for a birthday present! rocks I am sure she can get some use out of this with her powers go Naomi!
I had to go back and see what you were talking about this is awesome.
I love this page Naomi is so cute and her uncles are very unique!
I love the new banner so cute!
this bg looks amazing you must of spent hours on this :3
this pic looks so magical I love all the art
she is so beautiful and her dress is stunning I love everything so far <3