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Qwert Yuiop created the keyboard.
Now look at down at the first row of letters, be amazed. eve
This art style is so adorable! ;u;<3
Same as coldeyes.

Awesome though! XD
My tablet pen keeps breaking, I tried to fix it but ended up ruining it so now I'm using the eraser as the tip(replaced the eraser cap thing with the nib and put some cloth around it to stabilize it.)

So much for me trying to play doctor on electronics.. :c
September 29th, 2012
klkdgjslkmgs. Worst parents ever. ;A;
Poor Aki...
September 29th, 2012
He better not go along with that idea willingly! ono
Aww poor, Kee and his fears. Clo's gotta get him to overcome them. :c
September 23rd, 2012
I'm liking Taisuke again!<3 ;u;
I need to stop procrastinating.. OTL

But yeah Clo being all protective over Kee now that he knows his weak spot. xD;;
@Tailswish: Rastafarian? xD
Clo's going to enjoy that a lot.
@RavinKrowzNest: 100th was actually
Midnightnoo's, got a thing with continuity. OTL
Awwww, Kee's little 'forgive me' is so cute! ;v;

Gahh, my style is ever changing, need to be more constant.

Clo will most definitely take advantage of his leverage. c':
@Tailswish: LOL! Only in Kee's eyes! XD
Can't wait to see what cuteness comes out of Kee this time!
@Midnightnoo: Thank you, you guys are so nice!
Hopefully by the next time I get the gist of the app. ;u;
Edit: GAHHH, I forgot Kee's tattoos... OTL
I will fix it one day. When I get an app for that. ;u;

Sorry for the fail quality. Because, puting my lack of skill aside, making a 'collage' or adding the pictures together so they'd be panels in comic page is hard to do on a phone. OTL

But anyway here it is filtered 'til it died. ;u;
Kee needs a whole bunch of hugs and a nice long tail rub! XD

After reading all of these everything now makes sense. (I missed out on a bunch of stuff.) OTL
I love how swift he is! xD<3
@RavinKrowzNest: HAHA! xD
Clo really needs to get a hold of himself doesn't he! Can't have everyone avoid him because they now know he's a major stalker.
@Tailswish: LOL! Naw, he doesn't like anything in his store! :'c